• Agreed

    Sarah Palin is a miserable failure. She is an embarrassment to everything and takes nothing seriously. As supporter of guns, anyone can see that she has neither wit, common sense, or even brains. A government position is taking on a huge responsibility and not just a random job that anyone is allowed to acquire.

  • She's Done

    Sarah Palin is completely done. Whenever she opens her mouth she is either trying to rally her base of bigoted country folk or she is acting like a complete joke. The only reason she is even still relevant is because Fox News keeps her around for the ratings. They know people want to watch a train wreck.

  • Should have already happened!

    Sarah Palin failed momentously as both a governor and as vice presidential hopeful. She was an enmbarrassment to both her party and her state. Her husband belongs or belonged to an organization that desires Alaska to succeed from the Union. She is huge proponent of guns, and in our current political atmosphere, it is inappropriate. She is neither qualified for politics or knowledgeable enough to get beyond that fact.

  • She Needs To Stop

    Sarah Palin needs to walk away and quit politics. She just isn't fit for the job. She walked away from her position a few years ago, then she wanted back in. It doesn't work like that, especially for someone who is seen as totally incompetent by most of this country.

  • No - I think she should have a chance

    After watching the way that Sarah Palin conducted herself in the previous election, I think that Sarah Palin should at least be given another chance. I agree that she needs to learn how to speak better in public and on television. I also think that she is an intelligent woman and that Alaska has a piece of gold when it comes to leadership. She obviously cares about the public and her family. And that speaks volumes to me. I do think that she needs to grow in the political arena and as I said before learn how to speak better. Overall, I think that Sarah Palin deserves a chance in politics.

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