• Yes they should

    It is said that the "Lord" loves us ALL equally no matter what religion one believes in. Whether you are a sinner or not he will always except you into his heart ONLY if you except him. Now in my opinion that DOES NOT mean that whomever practices the Satanic Religion has every intent for it to be for bad/evil doing, but to feel they have faith in their life. That is the problem with religion these days. Everyone has created a religious battle between what's good and bad and not just seeing that everyone in this world just wants a little faith no matter how they go about doing it.

  • Yes it should.

    Religions are just organized thoughts that are shared by a group people. So why should a group of people who believe in the Satanic rituals be concerned to just believe in a belief system. It is a religion a more modern western religion but a religion and should be considered one.

  • Absolutely it is a religion

    Satanism is absolutely a religion based on a belief system many people are satanist it’s just not a talked about religion as much as others. They have a temple and website presets and practitioners so absolutely yes it is a religion weather you like it or not it is a religion

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