• Have you so little faith in the American high school system?

    If this test is needed than it is an indictment of America's high school system. It basically says, the school systems and the teachers are not to be trusted in the grades they give out In Canada, my high school grades were all I needed to supply to be accepted into several Universities. Classmates who went to schools across the country only needed their high school grades as well.

    Also, NBC states SATs are marked on a curve. That's a whole other pile of BS I don't have time to get I to.

  • Absolutely they should

    100%, without any doubt, they should be banned. The ideology that the marks on a single test can have ANY long term importance WHATSOEVER is harmful. Some districts have even made this mandatory. Our youth have been brainwashed by the flawed education system enough, they don't need some poorly-designed multiple choice test to stress them out!

  • Pressure at a young age

    Kids should not be giving that amount of pressure at such a young age. SATs does get your sets ready but can't they take their time and take as long as they want answering questions. Of course, we need to get ready for GCSEs but there are so many other ways and tests to get us ready. Even 6-8 years olds do SATs (in year 2) imagine YOU being at such a young age given that amount of pressure to do tests to identify nothing in year 2! Even if they're getting you ready to do it in year 6 it's a 4-year difference.

  • I am mixed

    Im in year 11 and I think that children should focus on learning, not exams. However knowing what i need to improve on is helpful and examinations assist this as i will get bad marks for something im not good at, 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

  • Down with the Nanny State

    Without a rigorous and ultimately irrelevant and unimportant standardized test, how will the political elite fool the permanent underclass into believing that social mobility actually exists. It would just be cruel to deprive poor and underprivileged children of false hope. I mean, come on, let's not be monsters here! Ya dig?

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