• Yes they should.

    OK This would have to be a clip show, but the only challenge would be deciding which of the skits would not make the cut.
    SNL has changed a lot since Ms. Hooks left all those years ago.
    I am pretty sure it is now Improv. I have seen too many of the shows in the past few years. Does someone have a job called a writer and writes a script for them to memorize? If they did they would have gotten fired a long time ago.
    While the new shows are not funny and are waste of the viewers time, you have to admit the new cast is extremely talent the way they ad lib the lines as they perform them.
    The new show is not completely unlike going to that party that you were not invited to that Saturday night. And is a good substitute.

  • Saturday Night Live shoudl acknowledge the death of Jan Hooks by dedicated its next show to her.

    Saturday Night LIve has long shown that it has loyalty to its past stars whether or not they went on to bigger and better things. Jan Hooks was a part of the show for a run of 5 years and on with some of its biggest stars. The show should honor her memory by somesort of dedication during the next couple of shows.

  • The Emmy award winning actress was the star of thr show in late 80's

    The passing away of comedian Jan Hooks best known for her work in NBC"s Saturday Night Live has stunned the whole entertainment role. Hooks worked with SNL from 1986 to 1991, and impersonated various stars such as s Bette Davis, Ann-Margret, Jodie Foster and Sally Kellerman. She will always be remembered for her role as "Brenda the Waitress" which mesmerized everyone.

  • Hooks should be memorialized on SNL

    When Hooks was given a shot by shows producers at SNL, the show was on the ropes, amidst talk of cancellation. With the addition of Hooks to the cast, she created a much needed lead female role that bridged those tough times. As with all things at SNL, it's rarely a single person that makes the show stand out, but she stood up with some of the best with Carvey and Hartman to ensure the future of the show, and deserves to be remembered by those she helped so much.

  • Jan Hooks one of the great SNL comedians.

    I strongly believe that SNL should dedicate its next show to Jan Hooks. While her tenure was short there she made a big impact on that show. Playing Hillary Clinton, Bette Davis, Kathy Lee and a host of other roles, she made her mark on that show. A tribute to her along with a dedication is appropriate for this weeks episode.

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