• Best Car Built

    Best Car on the Market at the time. I have a 95 Saturn SL1, The car is 24 years old and has 345, 000 miles and was still running with hardly no rust. I would like GM to bring back the S Series Saturn. I would buy a brand new one over any other Brand right now.

  • The ones that were actually Saturns are great!

    The Saturn ended up being a burden for GM because GM was a burden to Saturn. What's cool or interesting about a car that's just a rebadged GM? If Saturn was it's own company or GM was laissez faire about Saturns production and development, Saturn could make it for sure.

  • Yes they sould

    The saturn vue is a great look car. They should give saturn a another chance to be the 2019 saturn vue motor ternd suv of the year award
    they should top selling suvs and cars . I love the saturn vue and the outlook.The saturn outlook look like it would beast the ford explorer

  • Love my 2006 vue

    Best car I ever had. Very dependable. Best feature is plastic sides. I have been hit a couple times in parking lots where the other car had minor damage and my car just snapped back. Plenty of room for what I need. High off the ground and all wheel drive is also nice.

  • Yes, best car we have ever had

    Had Jeeps, Monteros and multiple BMW. This saturn view was bought for $1000.00 in 2012, it was a 06 v6 fw with 195k drivin all over country. Spent $2000.00 over 5 years on maintenance, now has 261k . Our Mechanic and Transmission spot said we can probably get this car to 350-450k, it runs really great. Buying another 2004 model for our daughter for $1500.00 with 185k, Im sure she will have it for 5-10 more years. Best car for the price and easy to fix for minimal cost. Not a mechanic but much of it can be done off of you tube. Just no hybrid or 4wd it is an extra maintenance expense. Please bring them back. Would buy a new one in a heart beat .

  • Love my Saturn

    I've owned my SC1 as long as I've had my driver's license. It's been through a lot. I even plowed through a black cow at night in it and apart from a broken windshield and some major cosmetic damage it was fine and so was everyone inside and it drove the 100 miles down the mountain back home. I've got 265,000 miles in it and drive nearly 500 miles a week for work. It still gets 30+ to the gallon. It's the best car I will ever own and I'm seriously hoping the bring back the line before I need a new car. I'd be a Saturn owner for life if I could.

  • Perfect car for my wheelchair!

    My wheelchair was easy to put in and take out with the suicide doors. No other car can make that statement. No body dents due to the plastic exterior. I bought it off the lot, electric lime exterior with chrome rims! Its an absolutely gorgeous car!! Easy maintenance, great gas mileage. I regret every day that I sold it because It needed a new transmission. I now drive a Hyundai SUV that I hate! It's not a bad SUV, but it's NOT a Saturn! If GM came out with an updated Saturn I'd buy it in a minute. Of course it would have to have the suicide doors!

  • Yes -no brainer

    250,000 miles on my vue...Three front wheel bearings, brakes and a timing chain...Duh! That's it in a quarter Mil miles...It's awesome...
    250 hp and 27 mpg and what else is there to say... Gm messed up when they let their infighting topedo a great division.
    Probably wishful thinking ... But sure do and did like the whole package that was saturn.

  • I had the best experience ever when purchasing our brand new Saturn Sl-2 in 1999. No haggling over price! Awesome follow up customer service.

    Hold up well in auto accidents. I was involved in two separate re-end collisions and my Saturn looked and ran like new after being repaired. Gas mileage was amazing and a fantastic value! Many are still on the road today unlike their other GM counterparts! Awesome car for many owners!

  • Bring back Saturn PLZ

    I love my ION-3 quad coupe 2007, no problems, easy to work on, suicide doors! This car is like a lego on wheels! Love the design... For a design from 2002-2003.. It's still nice! Bring back Saturn... Dont just rebrand chevy/GM cars.. Make its special like old days! People saying bad things about Saturn never drove one. It's diferent in a Saturn!

  • Saturn should not be brought back by GM.

    Saturn was not a popular brand, and that's why GM stopped making it. It's time for GM to think about the future rather than trying to bring back old, discontinued brands. They should make a fresh new image for themselves. Saturn was an outdated brand. GM can do a lot better with something new.

  • No, it is Time to Move On

    It is never good to desire what is already passed. Saturn brand was done away with for a reason. Rather than working on bringing back a brand they got rid of GM should be more focused on the future and creating a new better brand to take the place of Saturn.

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