• I Would Consult

    If I were Satya Nadella I would certainly consult with Bill Gates regarding running Microsoft. Bill Gates obviously has the experience and knowledge to guide him or at least offer him advice. I think it is best to keep open communications rather than being persistent about doing things your own way.

  • Nadella should consult with Gates

    Bill Gates is one of the most successful businessmen ever. Nadella would have to be a fool to not consult with Bill Gates. Bill has a wealth of experience and ability which could be of benefit to Nadella. Of course it is left up to Nadella to find the way forward for Microsoft, but consultation couldn't hurt.

  • Yes, Nadella should consult with Bill Gates.

    I think that Satya Nadella should consult with Bill Gates as to how to run Microsoft. I think that it is clear that Microsoft isn't being ran all that well right now under the rule of Satya Nadella. Consulting with Bill Gates can only be a beneficial thing for the company.

  • That's not how it works in business.

    No. Why would any CEO of a company need to do that? If Bill Gates wanted to run Microsoft, he should have installed himself as the company's executive. Frankly, Microsoft is stagnating and it needs some new blood in the board room. While Gates will have a lasting legancy there, Nadella needs to create his own vision for the company.

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