Should Saudi Arabia's absolute monarchy be overturned?

Asked by: Adam2
  • It would be one big step for humanity

    Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that still has absolute monarchy. The Vatican City does have absolute monarchy, but it has only jurisdiction in that small city-state (Italy and the Vatican City are two different countries, literally) since nuns and monks agree to live by a certain lifestyle, so they don't count. So in a way it's not truly an absolute monarchy, since it's just a tiny city-state. But in Saudi Arabia, it's the one country with an absolute monarchy, and the citizens live in terror every day of their lives. People are killed if they disagree with that particular sect of Islam. Now, mind you I understand that not all Muslim countries are extremist, but I'm not talking about terrorism, but rather Saudi Arabia. It's perhaps the most repressive country in the world. Bigotry, racism, etc, are commonplace, all thanks to the absolute monarchy. They have been the cause of problems all across the world, from England to Denmark's empires, etc. They must overthrow, and it would be a great victory for democracy.

  • America's Democracy isn't true democracy.

    Even though people may say that they like it there, that is because they haven't experienced true democracy. To be honest america is the worst example, but i do believe that it should be overturned. The male race has too much control over the female race in this country and its not right. You may say "well its their culture", but if it was a country's culture to kill innocent people every day would you buy into that excuse also?

  • These people want it.

    I have lived in Saudi Arabia for years. The Saudi People love their king and their way of life just as much as we here in America love our form of government (in theory) and our way of life. Unfortunately western media seeks out the few malcontents, and uses them to paint a picture of the Saudi population. The equivalent would be Russian media saying that we in America are oppressive, and that the American people are crying out for communism. They cite the few communist Americans to prove their point, and try to convince the Russian population that Americans as a whole want communism. It is oppressive of us to try and make Saudi Arabia democratic, and try to force our way of life on them.

  • Not our place.

    While I agree that absolute monarchy is an undesirable political system, an even less desirable one is anarchy, which is the only viable alternative at this time. If countries like Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, and Turkey slowly trend more towards democracy, freedom, then Saudi Arabia, will eventually be pressured towards constitutional monarchy and more representation for the people. But in the meantime, a violent overthrow (which is the only mechanism for overturning) would be a disaster - a civil war much like Syria's. As repugnant as their despotism may be to us, they are still a US ally out of necessity, if not fondness, and to so overtly betray an ally would be catastrophic to Western credibility and diplomacy.

  • Saudi's need monarchy and there is no other rival who can control the economy

    Saudi Arabia has long been stable and prosperous. Under king, everything performs smoothly. The Middle East region never had a true democracy in real sense. The likes of Egypt and dictatorships in Syria and Yemen illustrate that democracy cannot work in this region. It is better to have stable and secure monarchy rather than having corrupt and inefficient democracy

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