• Yes, they should be allowed to drive.

    Yes, I think that Saudi woman should be allowed to drive. It is a right that every single human on this earth is entitled to. No matter their ethnicity. I mean, unless they have been proven guilty of a driving offence or crime or have seen driving crazy then I see no reason why not.

  • At these modern er is different

    Now the women is like the at every single thing she work like him and can do every
    so i say that she must drive she is the same as men no differnet no......
    So i hope that can drive because we face a lot of problems because of that traditions and cultres

  • Woman deserve equal rights

    Why should woman not be allowed to drive? By taking away a woman's right to drive, you are taking away her ability to do things for herself. This is a strong form of gender discrimination and should be banned. Woman are independent and they are allowed to be, just as much as they are allowed to drive.

  • Everyone should be allowed to drive.

    There should not be laws discriminating against women, and there is certainly no rational reason why women should not be allowed drive if they choose. Ironically, women are often better drivers than men. All laws should be impartial and treat everyone the same, and gender should not be a factor in who can and can't get a drivers licence.

  • Saudi women deserve the right to drive

    The idea that adult women aren't allowed the right drive an automobile may sound ridiculous to the ears of an American citizen, but is currently the law of the land in Saudi Arabia. Women regardless of race, creed or politics should be allowed the right to drive and travel. This right should not be sacrificed due to religious reasons because it is another example of the subjugation of women. This type of restriction should be avoided in any civilized society.

  • Yes, Saudi women should be allowed to drive.

    As far as the women's rights movement has come in countries throughout the Western world and beyond, it is hard to imagine there still being a country where women aren't allowed such a basic right as driving a car. And yet, in Saudi Arabia, they still can't. If Saudi Arabia hopes to ever become truly integrated into the international community, they simply must give women this right.

  • Lets consider for a moment...

    Let's consider for a moment the fact that I know everyone will eventually tip toe around with this question undoubtedly become popular and liberals use it to stroke their "progressiveism;" how the are these people gonna drive with veils over their heads? They have no peripheral vision. Its the exact reasons we do not allow brides to drive on their wedding day.

    Leviticus 15:14 "And the Lord Said; Let thine woman steer neither thine home nor thine plow."

  • Any woman who drives is a heretic in the eyes of the Holy One

    It is stated in the Holy Ones teachings that the only thing women are fit to drive is the plow in their masters field. And when they cannot plow any longer, they are only fit for a slow death at the hands of a blessed priest of the Holy One.

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