• I want to be the only person to say yes

    Read the headline. If you cant read then I am sorry for you and you should probably do something about that. Maybe have someone read it aloud to you. Why are you even on a computer if you cant read. I am sorry I was mean... Here is a cat. CAT. See what i did there?

  • No, I don`t think so.

    A country in which 90% of the population celebrate Christmas, it is considered offensive to say Merry Christmas. I do not believe saying “Merry Christmas” or mentioning Jesus is offensive to people of other faiths. The song White Christmas was written by an American Jew named Irving Berlin. So apparently Christmas was not offensive to him. If I moved to a different country I would not expect them to change their religious customs to suit me. Would you? Would you expect them to hide their religion from view? Of course not. This is only being used as an excuse.

  • More liberal BS

    This is holiday spirit. A large majority of the country is a branch of Christianity. Even people not christian or catholic or other branches they don't have a problem with everyone saying that. It's just been a way of life since the beginning of America. The only people that would try to outlaw it is left-wing liberals. Its a load of bull, just like Obama and the liberals trying to ban the Redskins name, even though 90% of Indians didn't have a problem with that name. It's a crock of crap and an issue we don't need to be worrying about with all the problems we have right now.

  • No, it's ridiculous to even suggest it should be

    Saying "Merry Christmas" to someone is a nice gesture and it is pathetic to even suggest it should be banned. I'm an atheist and love celebrating the festivities as pagans did long before Christianity was made up. Regardless of religion or views towards Christmas nobody should take offence and everybody should enjoy good food and socialising together. If anybody was have a problem with it being said then it is the person taking offence that has an issue.

  • No, It should not.

    No, it should not be banned. Why should saying "Merry Christmas" be banned in the first place. Christmas is one of the most important holidays that has been celebrated since time in memorial. Wishing someone a merry Christmas is the best message and i am strongly against this wishes being banned.

  • And Nobody Seriously Thinks That It Should

    First of all first amendment, freedom of speech. Second of all even though I'm not a Christian I celebrate the holiday and love to say "Merry Christmas".

    Third of all and this is addressing what was being implied by the person asking this question, there is NO "War on Christmas". There never has been and never will be. The majority of Americans are Christian and yet somehow people think there is this "war on Christmas". It's nonsense used to scare people into voting Republican.

  • Freedom of Speech

    Merry Christmas should not be banned in the United States because the First Amendment is the right to Freedom of Speech. The United States chose to distinguish itself from other countries by allowing people to say what they think. People should be able to do this even if other people claim that it offends them.

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