Should scholarly research be more widely available?

  • Absolutely

    No ill can come of making information more readily available. It can only produce more good. The more informed and educated people are, the more easily we can solve problems and cooperate as a society. If anything, ignorance is a leading factor in many of the problems we face today.

  • Would have made university a bit easier

    If the research is funded by tax payers, then yes 100% of the time. If the research contains information that poses a threat to the lives of people then no, it should not be freely accessible. But as for scientific research, the main principle being for others to be able to repeat the experiment, it should be freely available. Scientific research should not be a business but a tool for the betterment of all mankind - I could probably have helped make a contribution to all of science if certain papers didn't cost me $69.99 just to read the PDF. Instead I couldn't reference a few key points which made the difference between publication and that masters dissertation that gathers dust on my shelves, it was either that or get smacked with a plagiarism penalty and ultimately the waste of money my masters would have been reduced to.

  • Yes, scholarly research should be more widely available, because it needs to serve a purpose.

    Scholarly research is one of a few means to get research that serves humanity. It also gives an important purpose to an education and an education degree. A title of importance is of little value if the person who wears the title does not contribute to society in a positive way. Scholarly research ensures that those who are educated serve a higher purpose besides self gratification.

  • Most definitely.

    Scholarly research should most definitely be more widely available. What good is to come of keeping research locked up, or at least fairly inaccessible to the general population? Though people may form opinions from research that are not as well informed as a trained mind in a discipline, and though such a thing might cause people to act on things without a necessary context behind their decisions, information is information, and if research has been done, it should be easily available.

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