Should school add more protection against bullying?

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  • A tap on the wrist is not enough

    In my many years in middle and high school, i was both a victim and a witness to several instances of bullying. Too many times a person who gets beat up gets the same punishment as the aggressor. Self defense should be treated as such. Nowadays its all about what's "fair" to both. Well, i have one thing to say about it: what is fair is not always equal

  • Schools should add more protection against bullying

    Students can go suicidal because they get bullied some much they want the comfort of death.
    I have been bullied at school for a long time so my trust in people have fallen.
    My cousin's friend killed himself because he kept being bullied, he was shy, and he didn't have the guts to stand up and fight.
    Yes, maybe its because of what school you go to but its not fair for parents to spend a fortune on the school uniform only to find out the child hates it there.

  • Be bullied, then answer the question

    I was bullied for an entire year by most of the people in my year. The ones who started it had done minor bullying for one or two years previously, but after NO help from my teachers, I knew how to ignore it. Then, they convinced my friendship group to bully me, right after becoming the popular crowd. One whole year ruined. Some days I wanted to die, not just because of the serious bullying (all verbal and excluding, not physical and I didn't have social media), but because I felt like no-one cared (apart from parents). Be bullied be a school which doesn't support or even help someone being bullied, then ask if they need more protection.

  • In our nature

    Just like crimes, bullying will never stop. Same for racism, rape, and so on. Rules can only do so much and it is part of our nature to share some of these "hatred" or be a bit evil. Police officers are around to secure our safety/laws and prevent crime...Yet crime still happens everyday! No matter how much a school puts to effort, a bully is going to break out whether it's in person or online.

  • Only for Physical Bullying

    Honestly, I have always been skeptical on schools policies towards bullying. Physical bullying, just like any attack on the body should count as assault or harassment, but honestly verbal bullying has no element of force and thus shouldn't counted as bullying. Also, there are negative repercussions of school actions to prevent bullying. For example, I once knew a kid who got accused of bullying and got suspended for three days, despite the fact that he took no action in any bullying, wasn't allowed to defend himself from the accusation (so much for innocence until proven guilty), had his parents punish him for the incident and he had a credible alibi (i.E. I and a few others was there with him when this so called "bullying incident" occurred). So whilst I feel a little sorry for those being verbally bullied, I think they should either toughen up, sort things out or move to a new school. And I think schools, if they were to implement rules on bullying, should have a fair trial (perhaps by jury) and the accused should have his innocence presumed until it is proven beyond any reasonable doubt that he was a bully.

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