Should school attendance not be mandatory in the U.S.?

Asked by: elvin09
  • The System Abuses It! And it is destroying humanity!

    If it wasn't for the fact that the system is abusing compulsory education I'd support it. However we clearly are. Rather than treating students with more dignity and respect because they had no choice in the matter we treat them like crap with zero tolerance policies, by arrogantly wasting hours debating such mundane matters as dress codes in such a high fallutent way that sounds like it's oh-so-important and throwing out the "you're hear to learn, not X." language whenever they feel like it which confuses young minds by teaching them false dichotomies as fact since virtually all human activity is conducive to one sort of learning or another.

    The school system focuses ad nauseum on "preparing for 'the real world'" and is so focused on pushing materialistic expectations into everyone's minds, promoting rampant careerism and a reificated concept of 'happiness' defined by having a bunch of useless stuff that holds little value for creating better people, for helping people to cultivate humanity, knowledge, and wisdom. It creates robots programmed to say they are "smart", "educated", "intelligent" when these terms have become alienated from what they really mean and now most people are only concerned with the appearance of being smart or wise and not the actual reality of it.

    This is part of wider worrisome trends within our society. Perhaps if this whole paradigm would turn around then compulsory education could work but right now it doesn't work but then again most things in our society are not working at least not working in the most truly meaningful sense of the term.

  • No, School Should Not Be Mandatory

    School should not be mandatory because you can not force someone to learn. Those of us who are educated know that an education is empowering, valuable, and vital to a civilized society. Many students feel like they have to go to school, and as a result, don't care about their education nor put much emphasis on learning. Because they have to go, they don't want to. Such students are a distraction for those that do want to learn, and they detract from valuable instruction time as they often pose behavioral problems and challenge teachers' authority in the classroom and elsewhere. It is quite possible that many of these students would have a change in attitude if they had to enter the workforce and work as unskilled laborers for a year or more. If these students with "tude" realized the importance of an education, perhaps they would "own it" and take responsibility for their lives and decide to stay in school of their own accord. Perhaps the realities of living paycheck to paycheck would make them realize that school isn't so bad after all. Removing the students that are disciplinary problems and don't care about school would also allow teachers to focus on the students that really do want to improve their lot in life. School should be available to everyone up to the 12th grade, but it should not be mandatory. You can not make someone care, and you can not make someone learn. It is feasible that if school was no longer mandatory, students would not hate it so much.

  • Our parents are here for us.

    It is the PARENTS job to teach the children. Would you hand off your child to a stranger? No! Neither would i! Parents have NO idea what goes on! And even sometimes teachers FALSIFY and OVERREACT! The food is the equivelant to prison food. Michelle obama is so focused on making us lose weight. But she's wrong. Eating less food, Contrary to belief, does not make you skinnier. It in fact makes you only Malnourished. Kids in school have been considering suicide to escape the slavery. The principal is ruthless and DOES NOT CARE for the children, only treating us like we're surplus. Please, if you're a parent reading this, Homeschool your children. This system of schooling is in fact only desgined so that we can become slaves for the Government. Using us for money is unacceptable. Us children deserve a say. Minors are not nothing. We are the future of society.

  • We aren't free.

    Making kids go to school takes away what this country was founded for. It is like kids are slaves until they turn eighteen. Minors should have a choice to go to school , not a stupid demand. Most of the subjects that are taught to kids after the seventh grade are worthless.

  • Yes, school should NOT be mandatory in the U.S.

    The idea of having "free" education might seem good, but once you really observe how the school's really work, you would be horrified. In school, every employee has the ability to control you. The principle, or the dictator, also has the ability to change you future just by writing one thing on your record. Also, school is not "free", your parents have to pay for it through taxes. (Gee, gotta love those taxes! NOT) Also, in many schools in the U.S, students are failing by the hundreds. Most of these students fail due to one student in there classes. Now, if a student is in a classroom with a student like that, they might feel very stupid because they had failed. However, they may have just failed due to that one student in their classroom who had prevented the students from passing. Then, the student who had failed might commit suicide. If school was not mandatory, they would not have to come and then they might not commit suicide. There would also be less bullying because all a student has to do to escape bullying is to leave school. This also might help save several lives.

  • No, the standard education system does not work for everyone.

    While many people do just fine going to school and getting a standard education there are some who do not benefit from it the same way the rest of us do. Forcing these people to go to school will not help them in the long run and can potentially bring down the effectiveness of the whole class.

  • Yes, school attendance should not be mandatory in the U.S.

    I believe that school attendance should not be mandatory in the U.S. Too many schools are failing our students. There is too much focus on standardized testing, and kids are simply being taught how to pass the state tests. If kids could go to school on their own free will they might be more motivated to learn. With willing learners the academics might be more tailored to helping them develop skills for employment, not just skills for passing a yearly test.

  • School is garbage after awhile

    Kids bully other kids,kids lose sleep,you can't go to the bathroom when you need to,you have to do useless boring things that you couldn't care less about.School wastes your time if you don't enjoy it.School isn't neccesary after a while but we think that school is necessary for no reason.

  • School attendance should be mandatory .

    We need smart people to create new things . There is talent in each person and we shouldn't let it go away . Only by going to school you can improve your skills and knowledges . Every kid hates school , so if we let that in their hands , they would never go there . It seems boring but we don't want illiterate people , do we ?

  • Yes, school attendance should not be mandatory in the U.S.

    I believe that school attendance should not be mandatory in the U.S. Too many schools are failing our students. There is too much focus on standardized testing, and kids are simply being taught how to pass the state tests. If kids could go to school on their own free will they might be more motivated to learn. With willing learners the academics might be more tailored to helping them develop skills for employment, not just skills for passing a yearly test.

  • No, school attendance SHOULD be mandatory.

    If you give the children a choice to go or not, I think you will find NONE will go. Have you ever met a child who liked school (post-primary school)? I didn't think so. (If you answered yes, I would have the child in question consulted by a psychiatrist post-haste).

  • Too hard for stupid people.

    I myself believe that school shouldn't be mandatory, Due to the fact that not everyone is capable of school work, It's too hard, And should be for those who want and can graduate. Dumb students are put at a huge disadvantage, They shouldn't be forced to stay in a stressful, And traumatizing experience.

  • Individuals who don't want to be their distract from those who do.

    Students who disrupt class and bring a negative attitude with them should be asked to leave. Students who have no desire to be there should be able to leave. If you don't pass the class then you take it again, if it takes you more than two times to pass, and you do not have special needs, your family should be made to pay for extra schooling. This, in my opinion, will force parents and students to teach their children to pay attention and act right if they ever want to get anywhere in life.

  • We don't need any more fast food workers!

    If kids don't get a full education, the will not be able to lead our country and nation. The future needs our leaders to help our nation thrive. We don't need anymore ice cream truck or McDonald's workers! Our future, community, and welfare are in their hands! Go to school!

  • McDonalds is horrible

    If you don't have an education, it is most likely you will work in a low degree job with little pay. Our future leaders will not have the education they need to lead our country and support our lifestyle. Our community and nation will die and rot until the other countries and nations will take over the world!

  • You can lead a horse to water, but you cant make it drink.

    Especially in high school, tax payers pay the price for students who are not showing up in school and spend they're whole high school years in detention. It's not fair for the people in school to be treated like they're are all equal when in fact, they are not. I am a high school student and I believe that the students who are coming to school simply because it is against the law not to and don't put in any effort and are just wasting our time when they disrupt class, wasting the teachers time trying to get them involved and wasting precious tax dollars my school doesn't have trying to get them motivated when we all know they don't have the will to do it.

  • School attendance should be mandatory !

    Without mandatory schooling, we face the risk of having a large number of students not under adult supervision who possess too much free time, which could lead to an increase in the crime rate. As some students would not be employed in jobs or other forms of training or education, they face the risk of turning to criminal activity out of idleness. Students would also limit many of their career options by not attending school. Most adult jobs require a minimum of a high school diploma or its equivalent. Without a high school degree, the ability of a young person to find a job to provide for themselves will be greatly reduced. This, in turn, will put increased pressure on our nation's welfare system.

  • If they don't go to school

    Alright so if kids don't go to school, they don't get an education. If they don't get a education, they wont go to college. If they don't go to college, they will work at McDonalds. If they work at McDonalds they will have a weird and not so good life.

  • Education Increases Quality of Life

    In order to be productive adults in society, everyone needs to be educated. Attending school should be mandatory in order to make an educated populace capable of having jobs, voting and starting a family. Illiteracy only stifles the economic engine of America. Everyone needs at least a basic education so our way of life can continue.

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