• School should be a choice.

    The reason is school has been known to cause suicide. Also what if your child or yourself gets ill but you are forced to go to school with the flu. What if you heard that a shooting was going to happen so your parents get arrested because you didn’t go to school out of fear. Also school has been medically and scientifically proven to be horrible for your mental and physical health.

  • No one shall be forced to attend any school that will fail him/her in life now and later

    We see no profess in the year of 2018. Our schools have not changed, we learn things that we will forget 90% after graduation. We can not even decide after senior year in HS what we will end up doing.

    Money, we use it everyday. But do we even learn money management 101 there?!

    Education about career development and job hunting; how important is it?! Does school even teach that for one or two year as a non-graded course in high school for 3 times a week like in Junior or Senior year?!

    Now we shall ask, what is school actually for and could it be a scam?!

    I don't believe that school has helped us out and shall given credit for.

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  • School should be a choice

    People now-a-days are having trouble with school. Also, some don't need to go to school for their job. Some don't even need a job. School can stress some people out too much to a bad point. Some people are already academically smart without school. And, also, your character does not depend on your academic grade or reputation.

  • Yes, let people choose

    People should be able to choose whether to send their children to school or homeschool. And if they choose to send them to school, they need to be able to choose which one. Education is too important to let the government handle it and decide everything for parents and kids.

  • School in general

    No matter whether it be public school, private school, or homeschool people should be forced to have an education up to 8th grade in the United States. There is no amendment they grants us 'the freedom of not schooling' and all that we would be asking is that people pass academically through the eighth grade, no matter the age.

  • School Is Essential

    For young children, some form of school, whether it be traditional school or home schooling, is absolutely critical to a child's mental and social development. It is important to stimulate children's minds and thirst for knowledge at an early age. It is also important for them to learn how to interact in a social setting.

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