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  • It's cruelty !

    It's cruelty ! Why should kids do subjects they hate?! Plus the teachers are mean and corrupted! Also the kids are forced to be friends with people they don't like since they are in the same class, students are not allowed to choose their type of friends....And they pressure students with examinations which is not necessary in life, I do agree that education is important in life, BUT THEIR IS NO NEED OF SCHOOL! HOMESCHOOLING SHOULD BE THERE RATHER THAN SCHOOLS

  • It just isn't necessary

    School can be good for you, I mean you can make friends, You learn things that will help you in everyday life, And you learn social skills. But some things you learn won't be helpful for life after graduation such as what type of government runs Afghanistan, And how many elements there are. School teaches some necessary skills but a lot of the knowledge provided in school won't benefit a student after they graduate college. School just makes kids depressed with all the exams and work half the stuff a kid learns will be forgotten within three weeks. School also tends to worry more about what a student is wearing and less on how they are being treated by other students, Or their families and even the school itself. So based on the reasons listed here and in other posts school should completely banned I mean they wanted to ban tiktok, The on source of entertainment for teens, Why not ban something that literally causes depression and hatred.

  • Very bad like a prison

    We dont want to be stuck in a classroom all our young years. Its a waste of youth and homework just stresses us out. Im not saying education is bad but going to a building 7 hours a day when youre young and should be out, exploring and having fun is definitely not the way to go. It makes kids feel dumb and tbh most of the kids nowadays are not people you would want to spend your time with.

  • I'll explain in detail later. This thing deleted it. Idk why.

    1. Integrity is lost (cheating in tests and copying homework just to escape stress)
    2. Why homework?! (aren't vacations meant to help you relax and be free?)
    3. Sexist dress codes (It has to be either unisex or nothing. Professionalism comes from expression of oneself, not from suits)
    4. Creativity is lost (We need to meet deadlines, so we just use stuff from the internet)
    5. Integrity? (all lies. We can't learn well, we cheat because we want to pass something that was supposed to record how much we knew and learnt)
    6. Teaching techniques don't teach at all (who learns by staring at textbooks and listening to a random adult?)

  • School isn't useful as it eats up a lot of the time you could've used to actually live your life.

    Uhh...Yes! I have a shite ton of reasons.

    No.1: School has dress codes that are just plain sexist. If you want dress codes, at least make them unisex or don't keep them at all. Professionalism comes from one's self-expression. How about that school?

    No.2: School makes students so stressed, they can't think about their childhood, their time with family, the time they can spend playing, but instead, they worry about homework and tests. They work day and night to get grades they don't even deserve. Why do you think teens are so depressed and stressed all the time and they commit suicide?

    No.3: As mentioned in the last point, students are focused on homework and tests. Since humans tend to look for the fastest way out, they lose their integrity and copy their homework from someone else. Not only that but students tend to cheat on their tests. The integrity of the tests is questioned, as now they are only questions you need to get A's and full make son, instead of testing how much you know and understand. Wasn't that the original purpose?

    No.4: The teaching techniques are pathetic. Children are expected to learn by staring at textbooks for long hours and listening to professors ramble on for what seems like decades. Some children may learn this way, but others like me require movement, humour, active gaming and something that sparks our interests. Of course, this doesn't matter since this helps them earn so...

    No.5: Open-mindedness and creativity is rare to find in their classes, as they only copy-paste their teaching techniques from the internet. Not only that, but school encourages us to think differently but it does not be open-minded itself. For e.G.- I was given a project and we had to select our own topic. I selected one that was creative and unique. Here it is- "Remodelling Clothes & Uploading The Video On YouTube For Teens". This was something nobody did before so it was new. School decided it was okay to change my topic at the last moment into something more simple when our goal was meant to be challenging! WHAT IS THIS LOGIC?!

    No.6: Inconsideration is possibly the biggest reason. School does not take into account the effort and money that goes into helping their child "learn" as it only grades the child based on what they did in tests. If a child cannot sleep because they cannot stop thinking about their deadlines and tests (my situation), they start working day and night to get rid of it. I don't expect them to grade on efforts completely, but AT LEAST take into account what the child is sacrificing and dealing with. You've been there too. D O N ' T L I E.

    That's enough for now. I've got plenty more but I will explain them in detail elsewhere. For now, PEACE. OUT.

    -A Student

  • School is prison

    Most parents would think that school is useful and it teaches children valuable knowledge. If you think that. . . You're entirely wrong. There tons of mistakes that schools make. The teacher's teaching methods are pathetic, Its very boring, And you stop listening to the teacher because you either don't understand or you already learned that three years ago.
    To everyone on the no side that says "Parents can't teach their children", I am living proof that you don't need school to educate you're children. Instead of using money on school, Why not send children to extra curricular classes? They're much more fun and teach you way more things than school ever will.
    People think that students don't want to go to school because they dislike learning things. If you believe that, You're an utter fool. People don't want to go to school because its boring and its like prison.
    Also, School gives too much pressure to children so the children, Instead of doing the work by themselves, Copy other people's work.

  • School has failed repeatedly and school causes problems such as feeling like being in prison

    School has repeatedly failed in the past and it's still failing currently and it also teaches a lot of useless things and wastes so much time in fact it even wastes time not preparing children for real life situations such as how to drive or how to cook or even how to model things with a real program or fix computers or whatever subject people can possibly think of in fact there is a lot of useless things school teaches and it wastes people's time of which people could be doing OTHER things besides just wasting people's time and also the fact that they assign homework which makes matters go from bad to worse and school even fails to teach things such as time management, Sales, And even leadership therefore causing people to hate school severely and also school has been a major waste of time and money

  • It is weird

    School is trash in every aspect it is trash and whoever invented school needs to have a life for them self. Like wat wat school should be banned. Like dis comment to support why id should be dead. LETS START A REBELLION PQEFMV'LPQEFMVPLMFPM'S W'PFLMVPWE FVEPV EPFV ME FVEF V;EF VGK VW;

  • School is on for too long & causes students to stress & school uniform makes it hard for parents to find their child

    Parents cannot find their children easily for everybody wears the same also school is on for way to long and causes children to stress and homework stops children having fun when it is the weekend, Holidays and half term also children can't express their style because everybody has too wear the same clothing and top buttons feel like they choke you too some students.

  • School is good and should NOT be banned.

    For the people who are silly enough to think that our parents can educate us, Where is the sense in that? If we don't go to school, Then we can't educate our kids. It's that simple, Everybody would literally have speech disorders, Social disorders and numerous cases of struggles with mathematics, English, Science, Etc. School is stressful, But it is compulsory if you want to have a good start in life. Our teachers help us learn at least 90% of everything. With parents teaching us, We would most likely end up having bad grades with some poor earning jobs.

    Although homework is tough, Get it done. Keep in mind that what you're doing is helping your brain develop properly. Without all these hours of homework and study, We would forget everything that we have learnt the day before.

    In the end, You should get your facts straight and just get on with school. It will help you majorly and will support you in whatever job you decide to take.

  • No school should not be banned.

    No school should not be banned for many reasons. First of all, you would not know what 1+1 is and you won't know how to read so you would not get a job. Also if you can't get a job you can't get money. That means you can't get water and food. For this reason school should not be banned.

  • I get it.

    Yes, I get that sometimes school can be stressful, But maybe school doesn't need to be banned, Just updated. For example, "The teaching techniques are pathetic. Children are expected to learn by staring at textbooks for long hours and listening to professors ramble on for what seems like decades. Some children may learn this way, But others like me require movement, Humour, Active gaming and something that sparks our interests. " (someone from this debate) Thats true, But that doesn't mean that school should be entirely banned. I think that instead the schools could teach the teachers differnt ways to handle kids, And to spark their imaginations as well.

  • School is important

    Why would you want school to be banned look I get we hate school but school is education and school helps our future and no school should not be banned ok πŸ‘ ok πŸ‘ so yeah my final answer is no ok πŸ‘ Ok ok ok πŸ‘ good bye πŸ‘‹

  • What is this question?

    Am I seeing things? I can't believe someone actually thought that there was a good enough reason to ask such a question. Without school, no one would have the qualifications, or knowledge to be able to get a job. These days, you even need qualifications for emptying trash-cans. If we didn't have school, nobody would have a job, there would be no president of the US, or leaders of any other countries, and we would all still be living in the dark ages as no one would know how to make anything in order to move time on.

    May I just re-emphasise how much of a stupid question I think this is.

  • No school forever

    I hate school it is the stupidest thing in the world, people are just calling us dumb, saying you have to go to school when really you don't. Teachers don't actually deal with things and you don't actually learn things, it's nothing you couldn't learn can't home, NO SCHOOL FOREVER

  • The hell is wrong with people?

    Why would you want school banned? How else are we supposed to keep our kids busy in this day and age?

    Now I kind of can see why "yes" is at this time the winning option

    For starters, A lot of increasingly useless content is continuing to get reached

    2nd of all, Indoctrination is out there reaching our children

    3. School has become too verbal and academic and less action-oriented and practical.

    With all that said, School has definitely improved in some ways, But I think the cons out weight the pros in this day and age.

  • Only stupid people want school to be banned.

    If you're smart and manage your time well, school is quite easy. The only people that I have met that want school to be banned is the local gang of stupid kids in my neighborhood. I mean school's not that hard, but if you're lazy and don't take it seriously it's not going to be fun.

  • School Teaches Children!

    To the people on the yes side, Saying that parents could teach this, How would the parent know? They were never in school. Recently, (At least at the 2 schools that I’ve ever been to) the education system has been changing to teach kids more technology. People are saying that school should be banned because they hated school as a kid. They apparently dislike learning things! ? !

  • School should NOT be banned for many reasons!!!!

    Basically there is a lot of people saying that there is a school home , but my opinion is different because in the school home. There will be no system like u can't get on time like time to sleep or to play or to eat.....And also u can't get knowledge or qualifications to be able to get job and without job u can't get money and also u can't marry because u don't have money and u can't live because u will be homeless that's why the school should NOT be banned.

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Leaning says2020-10-19T15:04:15.373
So many ungrateful people, Saying schools should be banned.
erevertyy says2020-10-20T16:28:57.113
@leaning please explain why
Leaning says2022-01-12T04:19:08.260
Hm, I'm not sure this site notifies one, Of comments in the opinion sections,
I 'did get a notification of someone or other saying yes, To the opinion.
And this comment is two years old, Doubtful you'll read this, But eh.

I assume that many people 'received an education.
All this talk of people can do it themselves, Is an overestimation of human capacity of people to improve themselves,
And an 'underestimation of the value of structured, Formal, Similar education, To set minimum acceptable levels of knowledge, Adherence and understanding of society and it's rules.

When I say ungrateful, It's because I expect 'very little of many individuals, Were they never to attend school.
Schools can be better, Can be worse, They vary in quality, But I find the overall concept, Tenable.
eememes_12 says2022-01-18T08:01:00.237
Its because, A lot of children dislike school because they do not like being told what to do all day long. There are then children that are too attached to their primary caregivers. When children find subjects difficult
Leaning says2022-01-18T16:02:20.080
Eh, I can understand people disliking school, But I think banning school would be a mistake.
Socialization and making sure students have at least a 'bit of education,
Prevents great swathes of the population from being uneducated.

That's not to say some individuals couldn't learn on their own, Or be homeschooled,
But it's expecting too much out of parents and kids, That one would expect most of them to do well, Left to their own devices.
I 'think.
Leaning says2022-01-18T16:05:57.033
Oops, Thought you were erevertyy, When I commented, Moment ago.

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