Should school be compulsory for all children?

Asked by: Aragon
  • We Need school

    School is very important, It gives us important social skills and gives us friends. Without it, We would not have a proper education. As much as we love our parents, Can they really supply us with a proper education? Can they give us all the supplies etc? Usually they can't, So that is where school comes in

  • Yes school should be compulsory

    Schools should be compulsory because : 1. Children gain immense knowledge which founds the base of their career. 2. They meet new people and get to know different cultures, traditions, beliefs and make new friends . They get to interact with the proper school management and start to learn about the outside world which shapes them up

  • I am amazing

    It is super fun. I play all the time. I have thirty wins. I have 15 hours of log time in the last week. Everyone is jealous of me. I am a fortnite god. You should be sad. So should your mom. She only has 3 kills. I have 90

  • Its a waste of time

    No one likes it, I am 12 and I go to parties at 2 in the morning u know what i'm saying. We don't need education and stuff besides we need to get outdoors and explore the world and not sit under a desk. Its gayer than Donald Trum Himself

  • Knowledge outside school

    As far as knowledge is concerned one can get practical knowledge outside of school and can be home taught. Meeting people one can do it outside of school. Can have wide experience of the world as well as knowledge being home taught. So enrollment in school is not at all necessary.

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