• Should schools be delayed until december 31

    Kids need to have the opportunity to have fun and be a kid. But kids do need education but i think is that kids need to have another grade of school. If you live in Iowa please state your opinion about school, but if you just want to be nice to Iowans you can vote.

  • It would make no sense when you think about it.

    If school was delayed to December 31 we would end up spending many more years in school in order to reach the academic level we need I order to graduate. So there would be no point in delaying school if it meant we would have to spend more time at school.

  • What's the point

    What's the point of kids waiting until the end of the year to go to school? You still have to go for a set amount of days, this way you don't get to enjoy the heat of the summertime. I would rather start in September
    Source: I am a junior

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