• School should be changed!!!!!!!!!

    One reason is that kids are always getting in trouble and stuff like that they are proudly grumpy because they have to get up early. And if u do have after school activities u can still do them because u wont have to go to bed early. And u can do your homework in the morning if u get up like at 10:00 . School hours do need to change and this is why.

  • Ha. No I won't

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  • Yes it should be changed

    If school starts at 12:00 kids will have tthe chance of waking up more late lets be sirius no body likes waking up early to school and nobody likes slepping early it would be the same time during school just that they give us the chance to be more comfortable with our time

  • Change the Hours

    Well, maybe 12 to 6 would be too late, but schools SHOULD change their hours. It would be better for students if they were able to get more sleep. Studies show that students who get more sleep get better grades. I am a student myself, and I can say that this is indeed true.

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  • It is unnatural to wake up before the sun even rises

    Many kids wake up around 5am to do chores, and another good chunk wake up at 6am to eat breakfast and get dressed. Waking up that early makes kids very sleep deprived and makes it hard for them to concentrate. I don't necessarily think school should start THAT late, though, but 10 or 11am would be great.

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  • They really should be change!

    I would literally be the happiest person ever if they change the times! I hate waking up at 6 in the morning! Please people say yes so that they could change the times please! Thank u! Lease please please please
    Please please please please pleasepleaseplease please change itrrrrrr thank u it will be amazing!

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  • School hours should not be changed.

    My 1st point is that many parents would start work before 12 meaning that they can’t take their children to school

    My 2nd point is that by the time parents and teachers are on their way home from school the roads are packed with peak hour traffic and it takes forever to get home

    My 3rd point is that kids will not be able to spend as much time with family and friends with the ridiculous new school times. Pushing school hours later will push everyone’s schedules later and some activities will have to disappear.

  • No school is bad

    With less school kids will get less education. This could be bad for all kids because when they grow up they will not make a living. They will depend on someone else to provide for them. Kind of like how a leech sucks blood. It needs someone else to live.

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  • We would not get to do any sports or after school activities.

    If school started at 12pm till 6pm then we would not be able to do any after school sports and activities.That could lead to us being obese because if school began at 12pm that would mean that most people would just have a sleep in and then we would be doing that everyday and just being lazy. Or else other people would just get up and watch tv.You could not do any sports because you see all of these clubs that beging at 7pm and nothing beging at 7am.And I am sure no coach would want to get up that hour of the day and if you kept going to your usual after school activities then you would JT have enough time to eat your dinner and do your homework AND do a after school sport.

  • NO NO Not at all

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  • Its hard enough

    Us kids leave at 3 but the teachers leave at 6 so they probb wont even get home until 8 this is a load of junk wasting more of our own time on education that isnt nessesary Really what has this come to Cmom guys we can do better than that if anything make it 10am to 3pm

  • No It shouldn't

    People don't want to wake up early but it's dangerous for school to start that late because then it ends late Kids shouldn't really be out that late because of crime. A lot of kids will disagree with me. I sure don't want to be out that late with this level of crime

  • I think they should not change school times

    Like me I have an after school sport that starts at 5:00and if we change times i will not be able to go to my stort and i would like to keep comeing and if im strugling in school and i need to stay after I don't want to be at school untill 7:00. We all have lives outside of school.

  • No way!!!!!!!!! Not at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    School hours should not be changed to 12- 6pm because people could get really tired at school. If they walk home and its not daylight savings it could get really dark at 6pm and they could trip over in a pothole they cannot see. There is also stranger danger on the way home.

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