• Its like child labor

    So school is like child labor, Its unfair, And plus we don't even get paid from all the work we do. . . ITS STUPID. . . I hate it i go through hell and "oh you don't get paid too bad so sad loser" it's a hell hole. . . And don't get me started i did well on all of my tests and my teachers always marked it as an F. . . And don't get me started with the dumb school rules. . . The no hood rule its stupid they say its a "Safety Rule" how? Just HOW! ? ! ? ! .

  • Poor learning environment

    I would say that schools are lacking to adapt to the modern world. For many students, Schools are generally considered by them to be horrible places, Mentally and physically degrading and demotivating. Many jobs requires skills that almost all schools fail to properly teach, Such as creativity, Social interactions, Independence and much more.

  • Yes it should be illegal

    I am a child and school is adding so much stress to my life actually, I cant focus on one thing without thinking about grades and stuff. It really has no benefit, who needs to know all those math stuff? What would math help me with if I have a calculator? How would grammar help me if I have grammar-error-correcting apps? What will the respiratory system of the cow help me with? How would identifying saturated solutions help me?

    Mass concentration equals mass of solute / volume of solution.

    What will that help me with?
    I want to become an artist, and I really see no need to understand biology, geography, history, and everything else for that.
    I believe that each student should chose his/her own path without being obliged to follow school's information and wasting of time.

  • School Makes No Sense

    School shouldn't be illegal but it should be much shorter than it is, because I am a student and when I need help the teachers say just try, so I do and I get in trouble it is B**LS*IT!!! I absolutely HATE school. Well at least my school. But why do we need to go to school anyways? We are just going to die at some point so I don't understand life.

  • Its not good

    School adds a lot of stress to a child's life which can lead to many bad things that are illegal such as drugs or self harm which is not good and we shouldnt need that because of school so therefore school should be illegal please make it illegal to go to school

  • Its not good

    School adds a lot of stress to a child's life which can lead to many bad things that are illegal such as drugs or self harm which is not good and we shouldnt need that because of school so therefore school should be illegal please make it illegal to go to school

  • A certain MAT in England are the death of students

    They have strict rules and have to even move to another school in year 9, which we all hate beacause of a 9% pass rate. It is just legalised kidnapping, and it puts so much stress on the kids that 3 have comitted suicide.
    Information can be found on the internet, tutorials for everything, it can even be passed down through generations.

  • School should be illegal

    Your parents can teach you there trade and you can build on it as I have I'm a carpenter my mom was seamstress big difference but that is how I learned like a kitten watching its mother hunt and if you're childrens schedule is like most you only see your children 4 hours a day assuming you're home my mother always said I had to go to school because if not she would have to go to court. So mother's out there someone comes in with a gun and say I will shoot you if you don't give me your child is it still kid napping becouse that is what are government has done it has made you willingly give up your children to them if you can read and do math you can teach them the basics then there mind will grow from there and threw out history the greatest military was kidnapped by the enemy and traind to attach there own people and look history is repeating it self again. Well I'm done ranting know but I will leave you with something my mom would say to me if you are to have a dog you must train it so it will be loyal to you and only you. Parents if you teach your kids your kids will respect you.

  • School should be illegal

    I am a child of seven school should be illegal it is just legalized kid napping. In America at least becouse every adult in the US has been in School so they have the knowledge there just to lazy to pass it down to there children. And most people to day have acquired a trade of some sort so if we were to pass are trade down to are children not only would they learn basics like reading and math they will have a trade and know every thing about that trade and will even unlock more secrets of that trade. Another way to think about it is a kitten learns to hut by watching it's mother. I know what you are thinking we will only be able to what are parents do but that not true I'm a carpenter and I learned all the basics from my mom and she was seamstress other than that I'm self tought and I'm starting my own business which I learned from watching my mother. So I find it very redundant to have school when it is the parents job to teach there children. School is also not free tax money pays for it and you can also see that as paying the teachers ransom for your children. Think about it they get dragged from there bed at 5 in the morning come home at 4 in the afternoon and go to bed at 8 so that leaves you 4 hours with your children a day not including

  • We need to be smart.

    School is incredibly flawed, so much so that it's practically the same as prison. We learn almost nothing, and it has no beneficial effects on mental health, which is bad. School is pretty much obligated child abuse. We seriously need to ban it, or at least make it less hellish.

  • School is necessary!

    School, while annoying, is necessary! I'm not a parent, so I'm not saying this because I'm an adult. We don't leave the womb with every bit of knowledge we need! If we did not have schools, humanity would be just another species of uncivilized, unintelligent, savage animals. See those big fancy words? Learned those in school. ;)

  • School Should Not Be Illegal

    No, school should not be illegal as school is a place of education and learning, and every person needs both of these things. It is also a place of socialization, which again is something that every person needs. To make school illegal would be to hold back on all of these.

  • No, making school illegal would be absurd

    There's really no way I can even begin to theorize that you can argue making school illegal is going to be beneficial to education. Admittedly, our education system is letting a lot of people down and has been for a good while now, but if we think our kids aren't educated enough now, think about how bad things would be if we just outright got rid of schools.

  • What kind of question is this?

    How could you make school illegal? Could you imagine a world where no person was educated and how horrible that would be? Now school sucks don't get me wrong, but I want to go somewhere in life. I want a good paying job where I can retire with a comfortable amount f money and not have to worry about bills or anything. There is no stupid questions, but must say that was a stupid question.

  • School should be voluntary

    I think that school should be voluntary because it is stressful and I'm typing this from school so I know what I'm talking about. However, some kids need a person breathing down their neck or their parents can't teach them or both. These kids should have school as a place where they can get whatever it is they need.

  • We would never learn anything.

    Especially young kids learning to read and write. Their parents can't teach them everything. And then those kid's kid's wouldn't learn. We need school lmao. R a n d o m l e t t e r s t o f i l l s p a c e .

  • No not at all

    No kids should not have to be dum in the future kids need to learn math,s.S,science, etc. Kids should not have to wait and learn at home. Education is a great thing so let's keep it. Also, kids need to learn about, everything, so keep education here for ever and ever.

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