• Make it more like the real world

    Summer break stems from a time when our nation was more agricultural in population. The era of kids needing to be out of school to help with the planting season has been going for more than a hundred years at this point. It's time for us to redo the school calendar and make it year round. Gets kids more acclimated to the business world.

  • Yes school should be year round

    As an educator, one of the best perks of my job is the 7-8 weeks summer vacation. However , since our students are having difficulty competing globally,, we must respond to that dilemma. Having school year round may be part of the solution. Districts should redistribute the summer vacation "off weeks" throughout the year. Summer vacation is lovely, but having to "jump start" a student's brain is difficult come September.

  • Yes, school should be in session year round.

    School should be in session year round because it is easy to lose track of progress when students take summer off. A shorter summer would be beneficial to students staying on track and making steady progress in their learning abilities. This is why I think school should be year round.

  • By Dallas Hoogeveen

    Year round school is the same amount of days as a normal school year so really it does not matter. I think that you will remember information better when you do not have that big gap in the summer time. Yes,So I think that school should be year round. Hi.

  • It just shouldn’t be

    As an elemenrty school stundent myself, I feel that it’s important for Kids to have that break. I don’t hate school, I’m not saying this because I don’t like it, I love school but we need breaks to, Take a break from school. The reason some kids hate school, Is because they go to it every day and don’t stop so if we implemented this new system then they may dislike it even more;. Thank you for your time.

  • Because we already hate school

    Because we already hate school so y have more time when you will get more work and teachers will also have to work double.No no no no no no no no no no no no no no on on no on no no no no no poop poop poop poop

  • No no no no no year round school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The cost of buses would cost money to run year round. Teachers need more time for planning, There are constantly kids at school so they would need more lunch money. Some parents want there kids to go on their first camping trip. Participation in summer camps and extracericular activities will plumet.

  • It would ruin our lives

    Every day, we get up at 6 am, go to school for 7 or 8 hours, then get a crapload of homework every night. Most people also have some clubs or activites outside of school so that leaves pretty much no time to have fun and relax. Summer vacation gives us that time to do what we want to do and if that time is taken up by more school, the whole entire year would just be torture

  • That would be stupid

    Why would we need year-round school, we already know enough. We need time to play video games, get active and spend time with our friends and family. Don't do year-round school because all students will be so stressed and angry that everyone will disagree with learning. We also need vacations thats why we dont need year round school

  • Money makes the world go round.

    Many schools still have no AC whatsoever in the US. In the summer time it's really hot in every state in the Continental Unites States. That means that kids are going to be stuck in 90 degree classrooms and are going to be really lazy and are not going to be willing to work as hard because of it. On top of that most school districts are working with bare bone budgets and opening in the summer would absolutely kill them.

    Also, students behavior would be really out of control because of the heat and them not wanting to be there in the first place.

    Some countries give their students 2 week breaks in the summer, but they also give them a ton of break time during the school year that basically equates to two months and a half months off (like America).

  • It should not.

    School should not be in session year round. Kids need to have a break from school so they can enjoy spending time as a kid. It is unfair to rob kids of their childhood, which is exaclty what having them in a year round school will end up doing to them.

  • Summer break gives everyone a chance to reset and process

    School breaks give everyone involved with the school a bit of a break, a chance to absorb what's learned, and a chance to reset and clean the schools. The original reason behind school breaks, of kids being needed to help with family harvests, but it's still a necessary part of the school process for all

  • No, children are used to summers off and states which rely on tourism need the money

    Year round school is often proposed. As a parent, I am somewhat in favor of it, as long as the children get vacation time. However, children would hate it since it's so different that what they are used to. Also for states which rely on summer tourism, it would put a huge dent in their economies. Many states rely on summer tourism for a big chunk of revenue, so losing that would negatively impact small and large businessess..

  • No, school should not be held in the summer.

    The way school is typically set up in the United States now, children have summers off. This allows a nice time for families to take vacations, be able to visit extended family that lives out-of-state, and for kids to relax and have some downtime. School is very stressful, with homework adding even more work outside of class, and summer is like the reward that comes at the end.

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