• Just not for high school students.

    Maybe just half an hour extra instead of a full hour. Mostly high schools should start a little later and elementary schools a little earlier. Elementary starting at 8:20 in the morning and junior high/middle schools and high schools should start just 5 minutes earlier, But out time on the afternoon should vary in almost all of them, High schools at 3:00, Elementary at 3:10 and middle schools at 3:20. That's about 7 hours of daily education. Children don't really need time to play, Just not on school days/nights. The answer should be between "yes" and "no" on this opinion.

  • More time for instruction

    Students need more time to finish their work, And the teachers need more time to give instruction, And it also gives higher achievement (not really, I guess). If students finish their work, They can peacefully do their homework at home, Instead of finishing up their classwork at home and rushing, So this is my opinion. I am on the pro side

  • No, It should not!

    Schools have already had enough long hours. Students in this industrial time want to play more than studying. In my opinion, Students also have their childhood to play and studying. In addition, Students also have to get familiar with the chores and housework to help their parents. They must also have time to socialize with friends. So, I think that school should not increased time any longer.

  • No it should not.

    School should not be made longer by an hour because it is already long enough and it is already pretty stressful for some. If somebody wants to stay longer for extra classes they can but it should not be required. They also need time to do homework at home and they should be able to have free time at home.

  • There is already plenty of time.

    Of course it depends on your living area. Where I live we have to go to school for 8 hours. Which I believe is plenty of time. By the time children get out of school it is 3:00. They still need time to do homework, Chores (If they have any), Sports, And most importantly being a kid! They need time to go out to play and socialize.

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FreedomBeforeEquality says2020-07-13T04:21:49.113
I can't really opine since school hours vary radically amongst different schools. I think this has more to do with grades and how their curriculum looks. Sometimes maybe you can't get the same effectiveness out of a shorter day and maybe it should be longer. If your students are failing. . . Maybe they need longer, Or maybe there is some other shortcoming. Its really hard to say what would be appropriate. The situation is too vague to paint with a broad brush.
ct-6116 says2020-09-12T09:07:01.990
Every schools lasts diffrent times this statement is too general, Yes some schools could probably use an extra hour, And I am sure there are also schools that last too long.

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