• It Is Absolutely Pointless

    If you are going to be a mathematician, why would you need to remember 50 quotes from Shakespeare? At that point it's worthless trivia. If you want to be a chef, you will likely never use the quadratic equation in your life ... Ever.
    Life is short -- too short to spend 20+ years of it having useless information shoved down your throat, and the other 30 working yourself to death, when at that point, it's too late to do anything, because you're slowly becoming more reliant on medication and a cane.
    In school, they tell you that if you don't pay attention, you will become a homeless criminal on drugs, and stuck in prison, which has been disproved too many times to be a viable argument.
    And finally there's the "4.0 GPA Equals A Perfect Life" argument. Sure, it may make you seem more attractive to an employer who cares nothing for you, except how you can make them richer, and maybe if you're lucky you'll get a nice job, have a nice family, and have a perfect life, but if you take a look around you, I'm sure at least 1 out of 5 people had a pretty hot GPA, but look where they are, not far ahead if any, at all, ahead of the one who no one thought would be successful, but many scholastic underdogs, dropped out and are independent thinkers, and global leaders -- better off than the many star students who ended up working at the local grocery store, getting their degrees for nothing. The evidence of the weakness in the school systems is quite obvious -- everywhere, in fact, but most ignore it. Parents force their children to attend school, without even researching whether it is effective or not, because they were forced to go to school, and told not to question it, so now there's an infinite loop of conformity, and lack of desire to be different, due to fear of the unknown, and no desire to find an alternative, resulting and many, many worker drones to be pumped out, but there's little creativity, or innovation in an everyday life.
    So, should school be optional? That's obvious enough.

  • Wanted: The Motivated

    If school is optional, not required, but a choice that every student has to make, then only those who want to be there will be. Teachers will strive to make their classes sought after, and students will know that going to school will help them in the long run. Saying that school is optional does not mean that no one will go, it simply means that the quality will improve.

  • Who needs school when you could be doing something fun!

    I am in 5th grade and all do is homework I wish school was optional cuz then there would be no homework just shopping, playing games, eating, and sleeping. Other peoples say school is worth it because then you can get a great scholarship. And get into a great collage, I mean I still am going to go to collage but I still don't want to go through middle school and high school. I could just be on the couch right now watchmen movies and playin games but no, I gotta go to school. I think I will never change my mind that school is a waste of time. And for the cafeteria you should not have to pay to get food I know I know the cooks have to pay to get the food but our parents should not have to pay for their kids to pay to eat at school. And for people even at private schools they should not have to wear uniforms to school they should have right to express their style of clothing . See people school is a waste of time and for me my fav subjects would have to be Science. Cuz you get to do fun experiments. And that's why I think school should be optional.

  • Right to Freedom

    Schools merely teach young people how to pass exams, and barely teach them any useful life skills. As free human beings, we have the right not to attend schools should we wish not to, and for this reason I think that school attendence should be entirely optional. Who has the right to tell us we have to go to school?

  • Family,School, and Time

    Not only do we have to worry about school but we also need to worry about our families we are spending most of our time in school than with our families we will only have our families for so long but we can always go back to school to get our G.E.D'S

  • Compulsory education denies freedom

    For around 13 years of childhood you are expected to attend school for usually around 8 hours a day (one third of a day, though another 8 is usually used sleeping) and be learning things you may never use or think about ever again. I think it may be better to have children educated to a certain point (such as basic communication, basic maths, etc) and then not educate them with all the unnecessary things that are taught to children now. If they want to expand their knowledge then of course they would likely do this and you would be able to spend a large portion of your time on one subject rather than spread out on different subjects that you may not be interested in or want to do at all. Your education is made up of things that other people seem to think people 'should' know and may even be biased information because it is all based off what others (the government) want you to know.

    You should be able to educate yourself with what you want to know, not what others want you to know and your level of education shouldn't have an effect on whether or not you get a certain job.

  • The Right of Ignorance

    Let's be honest. Anyone who doesn't want to go to school is not going to pay attention or learn anything anyway. If you have no drive or want to learn, you're not going to. If you choose to not go to school, great. They can do what they want while the rest of us get educated, and get jobs, while at the same time lowering tax rates and raising education standards since, if people are there because they want to learn, odds are they will do better. This will only work though if welfare programs are abolished or more regulated though, because then we'll just be stuck paying their bills!

  • Let stupid be stupid

    Keeping people at school when they do not want to be there is just wasting time for everybody. We are lowering the overall quality of education for all people and it is bad for our overall knowledge as a nation. If people quit and slow the class down it will not help to keep those people at school.

  • Yes Because It's Never Okay To Take Innocent People's Lives Away From Them

    Here are the two biggest things you can do wrong to get yourself locked up, forced to work for no pay, and have officers come after you if you escape: commit a serious crime, or be born too recently. Most criminals don't even spend as many years like that as we force people to spend in school. Everyone knows school is a toxic environment. Just because something happened to you does not mean you should pass it on to your kids.

  • School should be optional.

    I have endured the schooling system and from my personal experience, there comes a time when you have acquired the competence to understand the risk you run when you quit school. If we let anyone just quit, then nearly all of Kindergarten through 8th grade quitting. I hated school, my whole life. It never worked for me, in any way. I would do anything not to go. But eventually sometime right before I entered high school I realized how stupid and uneducated I'd be and realized how important school was for individuals even if they might hate it. I think a system should be formalized where everyone goes to school for a set amount of time or until "competence" is acquired where one would understand the reparations and risks involved with quitting school. So perhaps before high school? Also I believe everyone has the right to do what they want with their life. Of course they need to have some knowledge but if they choose before high school to not go to schooling anymore, why not let them leave? They most likely would reject all forms of teaching or learning anyway? They would just most likely become a burden to the school.

  • No school today

    Due to extreme weather conditions, I believe we should not have school. It will be very dangerous for people taking the bus and other transportations. You can get frostbite within minutes of being outside if you are not properly dress. I have to take the buss home AND then walk a few blocks home, I don't want to be in the freezing cold today. I do not feel safe.

  • Lets not be BABOONS

    Hello, my name is Bryan and I think that school shouldn't be optional. I'm in 7th grade and I think that we should have to go to school.

    1.) to all the young kids that are in school think about how you got to the grades you're in. You know that feeling of being smart and relief after you pass a grade...... Well imagine if you didn't get that feeling. What about when you go up to get an award for graduation and finally everyone claps for you, well you don't get any fame or recognition when you don't have school.

    2.) so you know how all of you want to become millionaires and billionaires, well that's not going to happen if you don't have an education. In fact what could you do sit around and talk the three words that you know? I mean seriously, you need an education.

    3.) so you all like having friends, being popular and all that great stuff well imagine not having friends other then your siblings.... It would suck right.

    Those are the reasons that I think school should be forced, a law, a way of life. So before you go dropping out of school ask yourself about these three things.

    I am sorry if any of my words offended you I was just speaking from my heart.

  • No. It assures we will stay civilized.

    All functioning societies in the civilized world have some form of schooling in place. There may be a great variety, including home schooling for people who do not want to attend a regular school. However, education in a structured setting is necessary to produce a population that can support itself economically and socially. The fabric of society would dissolve if people did not come together to teach kids the basics about how the world works and how to get along.

  • Kids can't make choices

    Kids going to school are very young. They are not able to make important choices like this. The decision is important because it will affect their knowledge and ability. If you don't have the knowledge or ability to do a job, you won't get a job. You will end up a rubbish truck driver, dumb.

  • Why you should go to school

    You won't learn and you wouldn't get a good job. You wont learn to
    read and if you don't learn to read you will be in trouble in the future.
    If you don't learn you won't be able to do work and if you can work you can't do very good at your job and you don't get payed and if you
    can't pay your bills and you won't have a house.

  • One should go school

    1...Regular attending classes makes student thorough with lessons
    2....It helps them to be disciplined and punctual
    3... It helps to access problem through regular class tests
    4...It raises the level of competition among students
    5...Group studies enable them to prepare themselves for various entrance exams for admission into colleges, medical, engineering

  • Only benefits a very few

    This country should start following the same method of finland that focuses on those who have potential and the rest to do manual labor. It will benefit not only the tax payer but everyone all of us. ┬┐Dont believe it? Look it up. Because making everyone get an education isn't really the solution.

  • Poop a doop

    We no want to be stupid go to school a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

  • Without an education you can not go any were in life.

    This is because with out an education you will have bad luck finding the job that you really wanted, then you will end up with a crappie job where you will be saying "welcome to mc donalds". Do you really want to be that person or if ever have kids do want your kids to be like that.

  • Kids need an education

    As people can see. This world is already uneducated enough. Kids are involved in activities they should not be in, like drug abuse, gangs, and 67% of dropouts end up in prison due to bad choices, they could have learn better if they went to school. Thats why i think school should NOT be optional

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