• School should be shortened

    Whether it is length of day or length of actual school year, school should be shortened. This is coming from a college student just to let my opponent know. Just trying to get the minimum 50 words so let's have a nice debate and know that I am not a good arguer.

  • So students don't get so stressed about school

    Kids get f's because they're too stressed, if school is shortened they would have more time maybe like with there family's do they could also have more time to relax and enjoy life because life is pretty short and kids need to enjoy life and if they play sports they will have more time for that too

  • School should be shorter

    When people have been working for a very long time the body tends to block, this causes that the learning won't be effective. If school time was less then students will have a better learning and they would be happier at school, besides they won't be all the time saying bad things about school because they are not forced to stay for a long time.

  • Probably though not yet (U.S.A. Opinion)

    Well this is pretty unclear, it could mean the school year, school day, or less grades (as in first, second, third). I only agree with shortening the years of school but first how education is done needs to be changed. So much time is wasted doing nothing, learning things that are useless, or doing things that don't help teaching the topics. For me at least, Language Arts was hardly about grammar and more about reading and writing about what we read and doing that over and over and purely that for at least sixth grade and on. What was about grammar was only in the beginning of teaching and after that it was like two weeks reviewing (for the hundredth time) parts of speech.

  • YES it should last just 4hrs

    School is a privilege and we should do our best and get good grades but 4h a day is enough! We don't need 8, most of the time we don't even learn we just do boring class work and talk to each other and the teachers won't even care. But if we reduce the time there there would be no time for recess or talking it would be just learning and taking quizzes, which I think it would be great

  • I don’t think that school should be shortened.

    I don’t think that school should be shortened. If anything, school should be extended until
    it is year round. That is the only
    possible way that the United States will be able to compete with the rest of the
    world. We are falling behind because we
    are lazy, and we need to do whatever we can to get ahead.

  • NO. And why?

    A shortened school day would reduce the amount of instructional time. For some laboratory classes reducing the number of minutes in class each day could have a detrimental impact. Even if the number of days were extended to counteract the reduced number of minutes in class, shorter segments of instructional time might diminish the quality of instruction. For example, the amount of time devoted to set up and break down in a lab class would not change, only the student-centered learning time would be impacted. Biology, chemistry, art, physical education and music classes all have the potential to be detrimentally affected.

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