• Blah blah bah

    If you have more school you get more recess and that is healthy for you and you get no homework but with more school students get smarter and don't act stupid like bullying each other and kids will have more sense in there head so they will be smart realy smart

  • I hate school but we get less homework

    Well most people say that if the school days are longer you would not have enough time to do Ur H-W but the school knows that u would not have enough time to do your home work so they will give u less homework and if you have after school activities then I am sure the all the activities you like are not on when you are in school and if it even is they will probely change their time because they know most kids would not be able to came.

  • Yes it should

    I think that two extra hours of school could be useful for many reasons one of them being less time for students to run the streets and get into trouble and because many of them need extra time to learn so they can have better grades and become smarter overall.

  • Give me a break

    Students should have the amount of time to do their homework and studying and the amount of work can stress the students out and we need more time to sleep,relax and go places we barely get to go and we cannot always remember all the information in all those hours.

  • Its not needed

    We don't need two hours it is pointless and not needed why do people of age want to more hours to learn more pointless things when they would be forgotten in a week besides what would we do in those two hours if you want two more hours in school take after school activities

  • To much work

    I HATE SCHOOL and I am sure u don to not only students hate school but some of the teachers also hate it t\well they do get payied but still they will have to spend two more misrable hours with other peoples kids,which also includes more work and even the kids would have to do more work looks like both of us do not like school that much [well some of us do like school]

  • No they shouldn't

    Schools should not be two hours longer because it leaves less time for homework and rest, and extracurricular activities. In addition to all of the homework that I receive in all of my classes (many are advanced), I have to practice music (a lot) and do other things. If we got out at 4:45 everything would be harder.

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  • Only if you want to socialize with your friends, do activities, etc...

    It could be longer but not for class or work. Some people may decide to stay longer to participate in an activity, play or practice for a sport, etc. And I even seen some people after school just walking around school talking to each other outside. So the extra 2 hours should be optional, but not required...

  • Nooo dont bring school to even longer!!!!!!

    6/7/8 hours is more than enough time. I go to one for 7 hours (8 to 3). Why on earth would i need to be there for 9 long and boring hours. This better not happen since school is just making life all work and no play due to homework and stuff.

  • School is already long enough!

    At least where I go to school, we are there for 8 hours! If we stayed for two more hours we would all be asleep! Kids and teenagers only have such a long attention span before they get bored. Also, time is needed for after school sports and clubs, as well as part time jobs!

  • School should not be two hours longer.

    Students are under enough stress already, and they do not need more time in the classroom. A lot of lessons are learned outside of the classroom, doing sports, part time jobs, or simply socializing with friends. It's important not to put students under too much pressure or they will get burned out.

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