Should school begin later in the morning and end later in the day?

  • Yes they should.

    We need sleep! We are very tired and people and staff that live far away need to sleep. Most tweens to adults need 8 - 10 hours of sleep and not all people get that.That is why we all need to have school days start and end later. We all do.

  • We need sleep

    I'm in middle school and I usually have a ton of homework. I will have a lot of homework from different classes that will keep me up late at night then I can't sleep right away because my mind will keep racing and racing. But if I went to bed a little later but woke up later I wouldn't feel so stressed out.

  • Kids need sleep

    I'm in middle school and wake up at 5:30 in the morning and I'm still late and don't even ride the bus. I know kids who wake up earlier than me and sure still late. We stay up late doing homework we forgot all night long and then don't want to get up in the morning. Sure school will end later but at least well be able to focus in school so I say start later and end later

  • We neede sleep

    Enough sleep are highly needed for kids and students. Nowadays school starts very early and students doesnt have much sleeping time. Moreover the huge ton of homework and extra curriculum activities creates a barrier for the students to sleep early. Hence school should start later so students get more sleep

  • School should begin later.

    People wont fully function correctly if they cant sleep. They will fall asleep. They will get angry and frustrated and wont be able to work or concentrate . Its hard to work when your eyes hurt and they water and their droopy. I'm ella schmidt and i approve this message.

  • Sleep is important

    Kids are always tired when they wake up for school, which causes them to fall asleep in class and miss lessons that they may need in the future for tests. Sure, they would get out of school later and have less time to do their homework, (especially for people who play sports) but sleep is very important to teens. Kids would learn to be more responsible about doing there homework.

  • More Time for Kids

    Everyday, i wake up at 7am and i want more sleep. I like it is completely fair because you get more time with your family and get the chance to help out your parents in whatever they need help in, or if you didn't get enough sleep you can sleep more.

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  • Start school later

    Kids are always tired when they wake up for school, which causes them to fall asleep in class and miss lessons that they may need in the future for tests. Sure, they would get out of school later and have less time to do their homework, (especially for people who play sports) but sleep is very important to teens.

  • It prepares them, and gives them a day to enjoy, and helps the parent.

    1) In life the majority of jobs have positions that open up before 7-8 AM. Will all students grow up to have these positions? No. But we can't be sure, thus we must prepare as best we can. If the children wake up at, say, 10 for school, then it will be harder to prepare if they suddenly obtain a job which would require of them that they get up at 6 AM (as did mine and my best friends). IT generally helps to get the kid used to the 7-3 schedule sooner, rather then later.

    2) Lets say we get up at 9-10 for school, then given the standard 7 hour day, we will arrive at home at roughly 4-5 PM. By this point there's little remaining of the actually daylight, meaning that the great majority of the childs day (after, say, 10 PM, you may still be awake, but that day's over and your options are limited on what you can do). Lets say the child still wakes up at 6-7 AM, this would technically mean he still had the same total amount of free time, right? Well that doesn't matter in the end, because the value of the hours diminish. Being so early, when others are still asleep, the kid/teenagers options for those 2-3 hours are minimal. And the value of things such as time are cut drastically when divided. 7 hours of free time put together are greater in value to even 8 hours if the 8 hours are divided in two. So if the person wakes up early anyways, why not just go to school, and have as much daylight left to enjoy as possible in the afternoon.

    3) Many parents get up at 6-7, not necessarily for work, but rather to get started on the day in general. But for a great majority of them, ultimately it is for work. So for the kid to be up and at school early would benefit the parent greatly as that parent can't be there at 9-10 to get the child ready (even if the child is actually a teenager, the parent still generally must make sure the person is ready).

    Are there benefits to starting later? Possibly, but ultimately I don't believe they outweigh the benefits are staying at our present situation. Especially not enough so to warrant uprooting the system. There is some credentials to having school happen in the afternoon though. But that wasn't the question, and ultimately even that is on shaky grounds.


  • Let the kids enjoy their day

    If school began later in the day by the time they get home which would be around 3-4 p:m usually and kids won't have very much time to participate in any other after school activities, sports, having time with their family or even doing something they simply enjoy. Lots of jobs nowadays require you to wake up around 6:30 am. If kids get up around 10:00 when they go to school, so when they go to work and their job requires them to get up around 6-7 am it won't work out. Kids need free time as well, even if it is playing video games kids need free time or they may get stressed and have a hard time.

  • Too much of the day is lost

    If school began later and then finished later there would not be the time in the afternoon for other important activities like interaction with others, sport and physical activities, participating in cultural activities and being a part of clubs and teams, household chores, religious instruction and positive family interaction. This would mean many essential life skills would not be learned.

  • Less Time After School

    The kids would have less time after school to do things they like (ex: video games or sports), I know a lot of you who say yes are in high school, so to you I ask 1 question, why would you want less time to be free and do whatever you want?

  • School SHOULDN'T start later and end later

    No matter what I'm always tired when i go to school even if i get 11 hours of sleep. The body will be used to a set time frame and if schools change from starting at 8:45 am like mine to 9:45 am then my body clock will be messed up and i think it will be harder for me to concentrate in school. Also if people are saying starting late and ending late gets you more sleep it doesn't, you are still getting the same amount of sleep and you are getting less time to do homework and other important stuff to boost you in school therefor i believe schools should not ever change there times if they have set s specific one that the kids have been doing for maybe even 2-4 years now

  • School is important

    Going to school is fun, making friends and studying for your future. But going to school at what time? When you imagine going to school so late and coming back home late, you will be so stressed because you won’t have enough time to do your homework and sleep. Schools think it should start later in the morning and end later in the day, where some people think that it should not, now this give schools stress whether this should stand or be changed. We believe that school should not start later in the morning and end later in the day.

  • Why no evidence???

    There are some very valid points for the argument that school ending later would have negative consequences, but why is there no evidence for this point? There is all kinds of evidence for why teens function better at later times, but what about less time after school for jobs and such?

  • Sleep earlier not later

    If you sleep earlier you won't have a problem and feel recharched, the only reason people want school later is because the stay up or sleep late or don't get home until it is late so just sleep earlier and it won't be a problem for you and it will be fine

  • Not enough time!

    If a grade 8 student started school at 10pm, by the end of the day, they would feel rushed and overwhelmed with the extra curricular and maybe jobs that they have after "school time". It would be just all over the place and no time to learn the curricular they need!

  • School should start earlier

    At least for high-school age students, I think kids should go to school from 6-12 so they can have afternoons and evenings to obtain part-time jobs, get homework done, or serve their community in other ways. It opens the doors to more outside learning and extracurricular activities. Kids already have it too easy. Going to school a little earlier wouldn't hurt.

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Unitomic says2017-04-27T05:43:44.477
Well, the Nays have it. The Yes' consist largely of spam, without sustenance. Likely a multi-accounter who doesn't understand that people don't fall for this crap. 'No" Takes it by an unquestionable margin.