Should school bullies be charged with committing a felony if their victim commits suicide?

  • Yes, they should.

    It wouldn't matter if the bully intended to cause the victim to commit suicide. What's done is done and they can't change that. They need to be accountable for their actions. Overreacting or not it's what they did and they need to face reality and own up to what they did.

  • Yes they should

    Bullies should be charged when the person their have been bullying commits suicide because it was mainly their fault because if they left the person alone it would have been fine but they didn't and they person killed them self. So I think bullies should be charged with murdering someone.

  • They indirectly killed someone.

    They may not have directly given or provided access to the victim with the means to die; but the fact they drove a person to that point where they felt like dying was the best way out, to make them feel that the world wold be better than them gone, to make them feel so worthless and tortured to make them want to die, is an indirect method of murder.

  • End Crime Early.

    Absolutely a crime. I was traumatized by mockery as a child and it brought out severe depression and anxiety I suffer from to this day. Bullies actually tend to be protected by teachers. This must end. It should be no more legal for a child to hurt another than it is for an adult to punch a stranger in the street.

  • Yes they should

    Because if you can charge adult for harassment threat why shouldn't you charge a child they're free to make their own decision and if you decide to bully someone to the point they don't want to be alive because of the damage you caused and caused over and over again as you pleased and you get to walk around with your head held high will they cry themselves to sleep and fake a smile every day and say "i am fine"until they cant its not fair life isn't fair but if we can justify the wrong than i think the law should do everything possible to punish the bully

  • Yes, because it is very wrong

    Bullying someone can leave a very bad effect on you in the future if you are the bully. Making someone kill themselves is not right you shouldn't be proud of it! No one deserves to want to die because of another person. No one could know what their life is like or what the think about. They could be suffering from something very very horrible and difficult. Bullying is very hurtful and most definitely nothing to be proud of. It is almost exactly like killing someone which is a felony to kill someone. IT IS NOT RIGHT!!!!!!!!

  • Read this plz

    No, not nesicarly. It does not matter if you get bullied or treated without proer dignity butt its how you deal with it. A person might get bullied but if they deal with it the right way it will make a huge difference.In life there will be some bumps innthe road. Just look forward and think positive,. Life has a way of figuring itsekf out. :-)

  • No, definitely no

    No, the big problem with suicide is of course, that you can't measure how much damage a bully did, and how badly other factors played a role. Murder is when someone sets out to kill somebody and is successful! Bullying is to cause someone emotional torment. If the victim chooses to end their life, it's the victims decision. Bullying should be treated as harassment, assault and other legal phases. Saying suicidal bullying is murder is a poor definition.

  • Where would this end?

    It would be hard to draw the line. People sometimes commit suicide in response to nothing at all. A person may break up with girlfriend and call her a "snob" in doing so and she may kill herself and maybe she actually behaves like a snob on a regular basis. Or maybe she is bossy and mean and he let's her know that. Maybe she even enjoys bullying other people and he tells her off for that and she gets upset and commits suicide. Should that person who was just giving some deserved social criticism which his girlfriend overreacted to be prosecuted for a felony?

    The problem with anti-bullying legislation is that "bullying" is an abstraction, it isn't something clear and concrete. The line between bullying and social criticism is not clear.

    If there should be any legislation like this it should be tailored to be specific and describe the sorts of circumstances where it would apply in painstaking detail to avoid ambiguity.

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