Should school bullies be held responsible for their actions and should the victim be able to prosecute?

  • It already is?

    If the bullying is violent then technically its assualt. Therefore of course they shouldbe allowed to prosecute. Though i think it already is possible to prosecute for bullying. If a child is beaten by another child, that child can face criminal charges just as if anyone else beats them. Also, whether it occurs in the school grounds or not is irrelevant. There is nowhere you can hide from the law! Obviously you onlyreally want as a last resort but i think its possible already.

  • If we only contribute the action to teachers, it seems couldn't help anything.

    First, someone who bully others, having something wrong during his/her lifetime. This action may attribute to parent's education, culture, or school. But the people who suffered from a bully needs their right back.
    Second, maybe making a prosecution is too extreme, however, if the victims couldn't do anything, the bully wouldn't stop.
    Therefore, we can not only make use of education to decrease the rate of bullying but also ask the bully for what they have done.

  • Bullies should be held accountable. . . And so should their parents, If there is record that they are enabling or allowing the bullying behavior

    Often, Bullies only model behavior that they see displayed in their households. In most schools, Administration contacts the parents of the bully if an incident of bullying occurs. Sometimes, When this reporting occurs, The bully's parents actually reinforce their child's bullying behavior by defending it, Supporting it, Or brushing it off. Parents are starting to be prosecuted in cases where they were aware of cyberbullying that leads to victims' suicides, Since there is sometimes written or audio record that the parents defended or dismissed their children's bullying behavior in these cases.

  • The bullying should have been stopped way before it got to that point

    Teachers have a responsibility to protect their students. If they took that responsibility seriously ans stayed aware, the bullying would never have gotten to the point of prosecution. Prosecute the school, not the bully. The bully is a child who cant make good decisions, and jail or fines will not internalize anti bullying messages.

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