• Yes, They should

    It is said the bus is safer than cars, And is described as an, "egg carton. " The seats are supposed to absorb most of the impact. BUT, What if the "egg carton" flips upside down? The ceiling is also a bit higher so students are going to bounce off the roof, Slam into each other, And even get ejected out of their seats and out the window. Seat belts may not prevent every injury, But it may certainly save many lives.

  • Of course they should

    School buses should have seat belts simply because it is a moving vehicle. Every car and truck that you see on the road have seat belts so for school buses to not have them is stupid. As a former student, Buses need to be more safe in case of an emergency where seat belts would be a life saver.

  • School buses are safe, but not safe enough!

    School buses ARE safer than a car, but during a rollover, seatbelts will prevent students from being hurled all around the bus. Without seatbelts, students will toss and turn into each other, windows, the ground, and the roof. Wearing seatbelts will prevent them from being thrown all around the bus.

  • Kid need to live!

    They need seat belts because about 1,000 kids are injured and 5 a year are killed in school bus crashes. I watched a video on YT on school bus crash test with some kids with and without seat belts. On rare occasions when the bus flips kids won’t fly every where. This is a fact,
    more kids will live. Thank you for your time.

  • Yes they should

    So it is the law. Over 2,000 kids are killed in crashes. It would prevent such a high number of deaths in crashes. Bus drivers have them so why don´t students? They could get killed if the bus were to crash, right? That is why I feel that school buses should have seat belts.

  • Yes! It is safer

    Why is it required for people to wear seat belts in a car/truck but not required for buses. Seat belts save lives and not just in cars, but they could save lives in buses as well. Many children ride these buses and are put at risk every single time. We need to make seat belts required!

  • Yes they should.

    I was near Chattanooga when that terrible accident in the picture above happened. More than half a dozen children were killed. Needless to say, the county is headed for a lawsuit. Children should at least have the option of being buckled in their seats as that would help prevent such a high number of deaths like those in these types of situations.

  • Its not safe

    Because if there is a 1st grader that doesn't know how to take there seat belt of then what he can't cut it off so they will be hanging there upside down because the put seat belts on the bus so how the gonna get that kid out if the bus is on fire upside down people don't think

  • Back in the 1950s, people tore seatbelts out of their cars

    It shouldn't even be required by law in cars! Why buses? Back in the 1950s, people would actually cut seat belts out their cars. They were NOT arrested, and their parents were NOT reported to CPS. What kind of safety-happy world have we brought ourselves up in? Stupid law. STUPID. SEAT BELTS SHOULD BE OPTIONAL EITHER WAY

  • It's too much hassle.

    How is the driver going to enforce a rule saying students have to wear seat belts? That would also make the bus driver less focused on the road, which isn't a good thought. As DrKaboom44 said, students will vandalize seat belts too. They vandalize seats and windows from my experience riding a school bus, why would seat belts be spared? How much would these seat belts cost taxpayers to put in all of America's school buses? Too much trouble and money.

  • No, Im a student

    I think if students actually used them then it would be worth it, but most student's would cut them, not use them, rip them off and overall would just not use them. It would just be a waste to put seat belts on all of the school buses when no student will use them.

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