• Kids are Mean on the School Bus.

    Yes. I took the school bus in high school, And the popular and talkative kids sat in the back and had fun together, While the unpopular kids (like myself lol) had to sit in the front of the bus. Some days I sat in the back of the bus because there weren’t any other seats available, And the popular kids who usually sat there would yell and go crazy because I was in their seat.

  • No because then you will be stuck with someone

    You might be stuck with the weird kid that smell funny or the angry kid that wants to punch everyone. You might be lucky and sit next to your crush but you will most likely sit with someone who you don't like.
    Kids should be free to go sit wherever they want because you can sit with your friends and not with people who are awkward.

  • They are a bad idea

    A bus driver should only assign seats if the kids are from a really bad area and try to kill each other. Other than that let the kids decide where they want to sit. If you can't handle friends sitting next to each other then maybe you should not become a bus driver

  • I don't really care

    I do fine with school busses not having assigned seats and most kids kinda assign themselves seats close to their friends so that is something. Another thing is that assigned seats can benefit if the freedom of choice is being abused but overall, Assigned seats are probably not necessary you know?

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