Should school cafeterias offer fast food lunches instead of cafeteria food?

  • Fast food should be an option instead of those disgusting leftovers.

    School lunches are nothing but leftover food put into a hot pan. Its disgusting and its not like they wash their hands before they make the food. Its nasty, and fast food has more variety than the flavorless mush they give us. We aren't satisfied with the nasty school lunches.

  • The pizza isn't as good.

    The pizza that they offer isn't as good and doesn't have any little packets of Parmesan cheese or red pepper along with not as many different kinds of pizza.THERE IS NO BBQ CHICKEN PIZZA! + there might not be any of your favorite flavors or toppings on your favorite kind of pizza.

  • Fast food insist the problem

    Teaming up with fast food is not only financially good for the school but also nutritionally better for the students and the choice of picking what food you what will make students eat there food instead of throwing it away .Also fast foods don't have to be all grease and fat for fast food makes salads to...

  • Its gooood lol

    1738 because George Washington once ate a lion that Micheal Jordan had killed. He once said that cold water was better than hot water. Which is not true at all. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Kids are sick of eating fruits and veggies, they its so bland!

    I have a child and he loves good food like Johnny carino's! Schools should have stuff like that! Also they can find healthier better food options, and due to almost all schools having health meals it's like you can't escape it! Plus, Wendy's is starting a health program for people!

  • School cafeterias need better food

    Because the food they have sucks. And I know for a fact that they are not serving us fresh food. And not fresh food is bad for us, growing and stuff. Even though fast food is pretty bad for you, I bet it is better than the school cafeteria food we get

  • Middle school student yes!!!

    I personaly hate school lunches and would gladly take my lunch any if day,you were to put fast food at lunch i would eat at school so much more if as a middle schooler i think that school lunches have no real meat and the ëat healthy"regulation is crap !

  • We need fast food in our schools

    School lunches are nothing but ground up rat put on a 3 year old bun that they call a sloppy joe. It would also be good for the schools because more people will buy fast food than junk that was under cooked 3 weeks ago. I hate school lunches to death.

  • We need fast food in our schools

    School lunches are nothing but ground up rat put on a 3 year old bun that they call a sloppy joe. It would also be good for the schools because more people will buy fast food than junk that was under cooked 3 weeks ago. I hate school lunches to death.

  • Yes, They should

    Some schools should offer fast food options like McDonalds and Taco bell, because school lunches get old fast. They should offer fast food at lease once a week. The school pizza is trash, it is gross, and pizza every Friday. Some food has a lot of fat, but work it anyway.

  • No we should not serve fast food

    Because its not healthy food it is very greasy and the sodium (salt) is high and some people cant eat a lot of salt or sometimes cant eat salt at all. Also some people can get obese from fast foods or become more over weight. Some people have a very picky diet if they brake their diet their parents might get mad at the school for serving fast food. They also may get heart problems if they eat fast foods every day at school. I'm telling you eating McDonald's all the time its a toxic environment its not healthy. Some kids get stomach aches if they eat a lot of junk food and its the parents fault because they are letting it go on. Parents need to supervise their children in what they eat and need to make sure they are eating correct foods.

  • Schools should not offer yucky fast food.

    Schools have decent food that they serve now. Would we really trade the food they are serving now for food that would eventually make us obese? I think and hope not. I will admit school lunches are not the healthiest option, but is it better than fast food? Very. I suggest we should not even have the option at all.

  • Fast food has no place in school.

    When children are in school, they should be offered the best of everything when possible. The best education, the best textbooks, the best surroundings, and in the cafeteria, the best food. There is no reason that they should not be served balanced meals while at school. If they want fast food, they can do it after school.

  • No they shouldn't.

    I think that if schools only offered fast food lunches, instead of cafeteria food, it would be detrimental to the student's health. I think the schools should provide healthy options for the students. Fast food is laden with calories, salt and trans-fat. It would be very bad for the students to have to eat this.

  • School Lunches Should Be Healthy

    The federal government sets guidelines for what amount and quantity of nutrition needs to be provided at school lunches. I do not believe fast food should be offered in school cafeterias. Fast food are generally unhealthy and I do not think those options should be available to students on a daily basis at the school.

  • School cafeterias should offer lunches that promote reponsible nutrition practices.

    Children form habits in school. Serving fast food lunches in schools promotes the development of eating fast food at lunch because it is convenient. The problem with most fast food is that it is extremely unhealthy. Essentially, serving fast food lunches promotes unhealthy eating habits when schools should be promoting the opposite.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    School lunches are much cheaper and easier for the school to regulate. I think that the school should be setting a good example for it's students and only offer healthy food while they are at school. Fast food has already inundated practically every corner of every street and a school should be a safe haven.

  • No they should not.

    That would be pretty expensive and fattening. I think it is better to offer cafeteria food, it really isn't that bad and it is cheaper all around for everyone involved. Having more options might not be a bad idea, but it would be bad to suddenly go or switch to fast food.

  • School cafeterias should not offer fast food lunches instead of cafeteria food.

    It is important for kids to have a healthy diet. If schools offered kids the option of having fast food every day, many of them would eat too much junk food and they would develop unhealthy eating habits. It is the responsibility of adults to make sure kids are eating right.

  • We should have fast food

    A kid like me knows that lots of school lunches are not that good so you might want fast food more than school food because it's better tasting. I might not eat a whole school lunch because it's very bland and I am sure some other kids and adults agree with me.

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