Should school children be punished harsher for misbehaving?

Asked by: nrpaul1015
  • Student, Or juvenile

    Students should receive harsher punishment because in an article I read it stated that in a school in Texas a student got beat with a paddle by an administrator . The students in southern states say sir and are very respectful because they don't want to be beaten. So the students have a better class without rude disruptions . The paddle stops the students from acting up in and out of school. The paddle doesn't affect anyone's learning privileges. So people can get the information they want however people can see how discipline can be harsh because some kids might get mad and misbehave even more. In conclusion discipline is a better way to get are students smarter and in line!

  • Students should get harsher punishments.

    Students should definitely get harsher punishments. Maybe if they did, they would stop being so careless towards education, The kids who want to learn are getting their duration taken away by the kids who don't care. I don't think the punishments should be too harsh, like beating them till they can't breath, just something harsher than ISS and expulsion.

  • Yes, children should be punished harsher for misbehaving .

    Misbehavior results in consequences. If those consequences are too light, how will the child learn? Just giving children a verbal warning is ineffective. If they are punished harshly for their actions, they will see that the incident was clearly the wrong thing to do, and not attempt it again. On the other hand, people may think this is unfair to the child. But if the student is preventing others from exercising their right to learn, they shouldn't just get a talk.

  • Time outs? Oh b*tch please!

    Have you guys seen the Dr. Phil video of a kid yelling at his own mother and slapping her? Sadly, this happens with more bratty kids. I believe that some kids deserve to get punished more harshly. I've noticed that kids with lenient punishments are rowdy and out of control, while kids that have stricter punishments are kept in line.

  • Punishment should be harsher

    Punishment should be harsh in order to teach a child the severity of misbehaving. Perhaps like taking a cell phone away or a laptop away. Maybe punish them by telling them no electronics for a week or more so they can think about their behavior. Corporal punishment should be considered a last resort. It depends on what the child did to resort to something as harsh as corporal punishment.

  • I say yes.

    I feel that the punishments for misbehaving in school are wimpy if you will. They are no more than.A.Slap on the rest sometimes. If a student does something wrong and a teacher or principal let's them off with a stern look or a signed piece of paper saying " You did something bad. Don't do.It.Again." This could tell the student that he or she can get off lightly for the same or a similar offence. Stricter punishment will cut down on interruptions in class and make the learning experience more pleasant.

  • Where are the parents?

    As a teacher, I see, first-hand, how students who misbehave disrupt the learning process. I am not sure what the questions means by "harsher punishment", however, it is the parent's responsibility to teach their children appropriate behavior, and a teacher's job to model and enforce what is acceptable and what is not. If parents are held accountable for shadowing (accompanying their kids in school), perhaps their children will behave. When parents have to miss work and are inconvenienced to the point where teachers and other students are for inappropriate behavior, perhaps the tide will change.

  • Yes, punishment should be harsher.

    This is coming from a student in high school. When kids in my school get in trouble, the worst thing that happens is that they get ISS (In School Suspension). And actually, the students like ISS. Because in ISS all they have to do is sit there and sleep. And when they get out of ISS and don't feel like doing any work, they'll just go right back to ISS. I think that not only should the teachers and principles punish the kids more, the parents need to do a better job of punishing their children. School is a place for students to learn, but they will not learn properly if not punished properly at school and at home.

  • From the view point of a student in high school

    This is coming from a student in high school. When kids in my school get in trouble, the worst thing that happens is that they get ISS (In School Suspension). And actually, the students like ISS. Because in ISS all they have to do is sit there and sleep. And when they get out of ISS and don't feel like doing any work, they'll just go right back to ISS. I think that not only should the teachers and principles punish the kids more, the parents need to do a better job of punishing their children. School is a for children to learn, but they will not learn if they are not properly punished in school and at home.

  • Detention instead of suspension?

    Yes, schools should not be as lenient in their punishment. The reason most students are acting out is because the punishment for doing so is so menial that it is barely a punishment. Conversely, harsh punishment for being a few minutes or seconds late, or dress code, is unfair, as said by a previous poster. It is really the parents job to do the punishments but when that either does not happen, or makes no difference, the schools should step up to the plate. Kids are getting so out of line that there is really no other option than to make the consequences more severe.

  • For our education

    Education was created for two reasons: To educate, and to prepare children for work after school. Teaching children to behave is something that a school should have no part in, only the parents. If the laws and etiquette of the education system have control of this, then all will think the same on this matter thus causing lack of difference. The lack of difference will cause a lack of forward movement in our work force.

  • Harsh punishment is child abuse

    Kids shouldn't get punished harshly they should get removed from the class so they don't disrupt other students and the learning environment.
    Harsh punishment will not improve behaviour in the long term run, because kids who misbehave only do it to get attention and punishment only solves it at that time.

  • No man never !!!!!

    If you are talking about students between 13 - 20 years old students then its a huge NO . Why I can justify it .......
    This an age when students are matured and think are now able to do all those things which can be done by older peoples . During this age they try to enjoy their life and enjoyment is not a curse . Yes but this enjoyment must have limits . If students while enjoying do any mistake then they must not be punished harsh many teachers , principal , HOD's etc tell .........

  • It's is not the children's fault for their actions

    The reason that these children are acting this way is because the environments they are born into, the environment where blacks and whites are not treated the same way, the environment where there are way to many gangs etc. Lastly, the environment where TV is showing all of the actions that these children are believing is okay. Also, it's the parents fault, they are not disciplining their children, so they are going to think that all there actions are okay, these parents need to sit with their children and have a talk. These children want to be the future and help with further research on things. They are not going to be the future if they do not have a talk with there parents and have a counselor to talk to at school or anywhere so they don't act out instead of discussing how they are feeling. Actions Speak Louder Than Words. So, please parents talk with your children about this topic cause they are the future.

  • Children should love school not hate it.

    I think that children should be disciplined through positive reinforcement, rather than using harsher methods. They shouldn't be made to think of school as a scary place where if they step out of line once they will be hurt because of it. By using harsher punishments, it is likely that children would not want to go to school which would greatly affect their education and learning. Children should be encouraged to love school and want to go everyday, as well as be inspired by their teachers, not scared of them!

  • There should be an understanding between the child and the mentor.......

    Children do make mistakes... For the first time they should be dealt with love and affection... They must be told the difference between right and wrong!!~ they should be made familiar with the hidden face of this world .. But if they continue a harsh step should be taken by either of the parents and the other should make him understand politely so with this child doesn't undergoes mental pressure and tries to understand!~!

  • No they shouldn't

    Children are still developing their self control and their understanding of right and wrong. They are not miniature adults, they do not automatically know and understand why the things they are doing are wrong.

    We need to teach kids about how their actions affect others and not just punish them. Punishment only works when the threat of punishment is there, once they leave the classroom and they can no longer be punished the things they have learned will be forgotten. But if we teach children in a positive way why things are wrong, they will do the right thing even when no one is around to punish them.

  • No, punishments should not be harsher for school students.

    All of the kids today will be our adults in a few years. We can't have them growing up with scars and bruises. For a country that is trying to gain domestic tranquility, I'm surprised that we even allow this. I understand that kids should have some consequences for bad behavior but why not leave it at detention. Why go further than that? Isn't it bad enough that when they do something bad it affects their life. They may not ever go to college. They may not be successful because of all their behavior. I say if you see a student misbehaving let them. Of course try to stop them but after that if they fail to listen let them ruin their lives. A teacher is a teacher. We are suppose to encourage our kids to solve things without violence.

  • Let's just make kids even more angry

    Do you want your kid coming home to you crying because he/she was acting up in school and the teacher gave him a punishment that was way too extreme? Kids are going to be kids they're going to fool around in school and get in trouble once in a while it happens it's a part of life they learn from there mistakes. I don't think a student is going to act any better after a teacher hits him with a yard stick or sends him straight to the principle for suspension. Although teachers may be too soft and let their students off too easy sometimes I don't think a student should suffer by being kicked out of class everyday and just watching there grade go down the drain. In my opinion punishing a student even more is worse because then the student grows angry with the teacher and no longer likes the teacher, it may only make it worse for the teacher because all he will want to do now is go into class and make the teacher more angry and waste the class time. If teachers take there time with a troubled student and make learning fun for him/her they will want to come into class everyday and want to learn, instead of wanting to waste a teachers class time.

  • Students should not get punished

    School should not be a place to get brutal.Its a place to learn.Punishments should not be harsher because it's not the schools fault for there actions and rudeness also cuz teachers don't have the rights to touch the students. However it's the parents fault for there children acting disrespectful . Parents should control them.And the punishments is harsher enough it shouldn't get harsher. But if the student is keep on disrespecting a class full with students learning then take the student out because it wouldn't be fare for the rest of the class.

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