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  • No, school children should not have to commute through dangerous neighborhoods.

    No, students should not be made to travel through areas that are known to be unsafe. When students don't feel safe during their commute to school, they are less likely to attend school regularly. They are also more likely to be subject to gang violence or to become witnesses to criminal activity.

  • School through danger? No.

    I completely support our school system and feel it is a great asset to Americans. However, parents and their association with their school and vice versa has lost much of the control of being effectual safe-keepers. This is through no real intention on behalf of one or the other but more of outside influences that do not necessarily have security for school children in mind when transporting a child to the school that has been assigned for their studies.

  • No, children should not travel to school through known unsafe areas.

    Children are required to attend school, but they should not have to put their lives in danger to do so.
    I believe the school itself and the state have an obligation to make sure children are safe on their way to and from school just as they are required to keep them safe while they are attending class.

  • School Children Traveling Through "Unsafe" areas Unsafe

    Children are generally unaware of their surroundings or have the cognitive ability to think through dangerous situations. If it is mandated a child attend school, it should be mandated to provide a safe means of transportation to get them there, especially when parents must work during the time when the children should be traveling to and from school.

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