• Yes, longer school days.

    I say yes. There are a lot of kids struggling in classes. Having longer class time means that a lot more stuff will get finished that might have not because there was too little time. The longer class times doesn't mean that it has to just be the teacher up inn front. This could be a time where the teacher walks around asking students if they need help. It could be a homework period. Maybe they have sports. They could get all their homework done if there is longer school days. And teachers worry so much about students not doing homework. This could be the time that the kids who don't do homework do it and not waste time playing video games.

  • Yes, Make School Days Longer

    School days, for most students, could be at least an hour longer. Today, a great number of schools clock the bare minimum of required hours of instruction or student attendance. An extra hour would give instructors an extra ten minutes per class to answer questions or just "be there" while assignments are started in case students are having difficulty.
    School in the 50s and 60s ran from 8:30 to 3:30. Schools now run from 9:00 to 2:00, leaving students one and a half hours of additional time that has no parental supervision.

  • Longer school YES!!!!!!!

    We need extra school days because students like from Japan are WAY ahead of use because they have year round school. They have less breaks and more school time we on the other hand have less school and more breaks. America is the 48th on the charts of academics and japan is #1

  • I say yes

    A longer school day will enable kids to be able to do extra curricular activities that they don't normally do, for example, theater. This is able to help students in later life because it gives them a chance to practice their public speaking now, which is needed in daily and later life.

  • I say noooo

    I SAY NOOO because school is not fun. We would learn more and we would not get as much time to do homework and no free time to do whatever. But my school would let us have more recess but I don't care.
    They just want us to learn more.

  • Kids need more school time

    So kids just don't get why we may have longer school days. I have found that over half of the kids at my school are not doing there best or done get some things. Well that can all chang with longer school day. We can have better OAA scorers and smarter kids with more time in the class room.

  • Longer school days is a really good idea

    Kids need more time in school.The state tests have changed into a really hard execrable night mare.If we want kids to pass with hundreds we should have longer school days!They need to get better at their debilitys and spend more time making friends too.Longer school days is an advantage! Yes we should have longer school days

  • Do it m8

    School is great! Many kids are bored at home so an exra hour of school means they get to be with their friends and maybe even play some sports while at home students are more likely to play video games, use the computer which can strain their eyes. At school students can study or get ready for tests they might have the next day

  • Books are to learn not to force.

    Students and teachers are getting more and more tired each day. Students are busy doing their homework's, projects and much more while teachers are busy marking papers and homework's. Each day we only consisted 24 hour to do or to spend our time. Most of us spend more time to school. 8 hours are used in school. 8 hours are use in sleep. That's means we only 8 hours to do and to spend with our parents, friends and mainly homework's. If school still extend our time at school, we won't be able to finish our homework or to study and to enjoy our happy moment with our lovely family. Students and teachers are humans, we do have family and friends. We do need rest and relax. If school are really that important to extend our time at school, by the end most of us will be frustrated and stressful.

  • School days should be longer

    In middle school teachers have non t i m e to finish a lesson without the bell ringing and everyone leaving.If school hours were longer we america would be slightly more educated. BTW im a child saying this I agree with my opinion. Thank you. . ... .. .. . .

  • School days are already long enough.

    There are just 24 hours a day. School in itself takes up around 8 of those hours with travel to and from school and homework. Kids need about 10 hours of sleep. That leaves just 6 hours a day for family life, eating, sleeping, health care, physical activity, developing social skills, learning life skills participating in extra curricular activities and sport, religious instruction, reading and so on. Many of these things are just as important as school.

  • Yes they should .

    The kids would get more to know yes the teachers would be expect more money but not all like my school we should get more time to learn . Because some things I don't get all the stuff my teacher says so that is why kids need more school time

  • It's Pointless.

    School days do not need to be any longer than they already are. Teachers need to crack down and spend more time teaching. So much time is wasted in school, adding more time is not the answer to get a better education. It's about quality, not quantity. More time will only make it harder to pay attention.

  • If we extend the school day, we will have more homework!

    If we will have more homework, we will go to sleep about at 3:00 AM. That is very bad for a child because they wake up about at 7:00, so kids will have about 4 hours to sleep. Children can die because of this. That means, that our population will decrease a lot, or no one will do their homework.

  • Why do we need more work?

    THINK AGAIN! Imagine how much stress it would be on all the students. But also the poor teachers! What about them and how are we supposed to pay for there after hours. Theyvalready stay at school planning so the will have no time left at all! Life is short. We dont need to spend the whole time at school. Lets see our families!?!

  • School days are long enough

    Kids need time to have with family and if we have longer school days the kids will just have to go to home and not have enough time to do the things they. The children will not want to focus if the school day is longer and they could get off task

  • There is too many cons than pro's.

    The most important is the cost. The taxes would be higher to pay the teacher's more for the extra hours. Also the teacher's may be rushed. They might have an extra job, with the school day being longer they wouldn't be able to work at their extra job. Resulting in having to do extra hours. Another would be the kids. Starting earlier would result in being more hungry. Another would be the time would be spent poorly. Kids already dislike school so why make them HATE it! Also kids do as little work as possible to just slide by. I have many more but you get my IDEA!?!?

  • It's all about attention span

    You need to keep in mind when considering this question how short attention spans are these days and how that is essentially encouraged by social networking and other easily accessible entertainment. Kids are bored walking into the school, keeping them in it longer isn't going to be productive. They're already counting the minutes, adding more won't result in any information sinking in.

  • Kids need family time.

    Kids need family time with their families so you can learn more about their religion and their blood line, anyway if there is more hours kids would not be paying attention. Teachers would be stressing and behavior would be unbelievable. Kids might stay home or their parents would let them stay home.

  • No way fam

    Boi skool sux ad itz crapp. I dnt cair wht u thnk itz lamee an onnessecari scule iz relle dum ann poinlest .,. 2 b onestly i yam way 2 gud nuff f ur skul anywey,.,.. Im 13 an in te leventh grad i wuz to smrt fur sevin grad. Skul iz dum ban it

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