Should School Days Be On Weekends Instead Of Weekdays?

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  • No only a few would even want it

    Overachievers and people with not life would love going to school everyday 7 days a week. The majority of people Even teachers like to spend time off at school and go home.
    So do not worry. It will never happen. In some countries they do have 6 day school weeks but at what cost?
    I saw this documentary about Asian children who were not smart enough and got sent to a remedial summer school program. They would not eat or go to sleep until they got good test scores.
    That stressful life is something no one should go through.

  • It should not!

    If schools are on weekends, We will lose our family time. Even though school days on Weekdays are way longer than Weekends, The amount of time we use to learn on weekdays are more powerful than weekends. Weekends swapping with weekdays are a bad idea, And that's why I say NO to this argument.

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