• Shorter school days = More time to relax and refresh our brains

    Image if school hours are 12 hours? How would students feel and teachers? I would feel pretty stressful. Too much school hour would mean stress and less time to have fun. Also less time to sleep! School should be around 5 hours! In middle school, Class should be 45 mins!

  • I think school day should be shorter

    School can be hard in school can be fun but sometimes you need a break. Homework is also a big issue or Can be in school especially with sports. I know sports are privilege but with less school that gives you more time to do homework and get better grades to be able to be in sports.

    Sleep is also able to be an issue when it comes to school. It's good to get at least 8 to 5 hours of sleep. And some kids get less than that sometimes because they're up all night doing homework. And I know that's possible because it has happened to me a lot once.

    Please vote yes or no to support or not this opinion. Thank you

  • Yes it should

    Finland scored way higher than us in the PISA tests, and they have very short school days,
    Additionally, the money expended per student in Finland is 5,500$, in America it is 7,500$, and yet Finland has better schools, and they also do less homework and less tests, so no, I don't think that our solution is dumping money on schools, dumping tests on students, or making them sit in class for more time like this is communist china.

  • School days should be shorter, but under conditions

    Yes they should be, because of the workload we get putside of school. Especially in high school, we often times get *at least* and hour of homework from each class, that's at least two hours not to meantion alternate assignments or studying, and extracurricular classes that assign homework as well. So many kids have to stay up pretty late doing all that extra work, and get up in the morning to do the same things. Considering the bodies and minds pf youth have not develloped fully and we get longer shifts than many adults, this can put alot of strain on their health. If school days are to remain long, then the workload outside of school should be downsized substantially.

  • Students constantly express dislike towards school. Part of the reason why is because of how long it is.

    If a child who goes to school liked the education, then there would not be much of a problem in the education system. School is structured in such a way that it is very hard to get engaged in it. There needs to be longer break times in between days of school, so that they might recharge to have a more productive day in school.

  • Shorter school days

    I believe that students need a shorter day of school, because kids need time away from school, i am a fellow student at an elementary school in olivehurst, ca,and i'm in the 6th grade and we need shorter days because we feel pressured to do more work, i want a shorter school day

    sincerely Corbin Edwards

  • Yes or no

    I want the children to know that we aren't just against them, but with them, rather than them thinking it's too much pressure. Children won't get anywhere with pressure. I vote yes, for a more happy, weekly curriculum. Children should have breaks too! Vote YES via this website. Yes or No?

  • Make old school to no school

    School hours are to long and can mess with our schedule or sleep or study many kids come home and eat do homework and sleep not even allowing them to play outside and to get their energy out of them


  • School is too long.

    I don't like it. School is lame. It sucks. Im going to drop out. Ksfhjkds;bfnjkdsahfuiadbfjkdasfghukdsnf djksfhdsukfndsm,fhjdksfndjk ufhdsjf ff ff f f f f f f f f ff f f f f f f ff f f ff f f ff f f f ff f f f f ff

  • Kids have to rest after school.

    Teachers might think kids sit in class and just listen all day so there is no reason at all to be tired of school. Well teachers you are completely wrong we do way more stuff then that in one day. I mean I'm a 7th grader and I go to school to so I know what things we do .

  • Reducing the school day messes with the education of students.

    Already many students graduate with insufficient math geography or english imagine what shorter days would do. Students need the length of the school day to get the right education. Some students claim to want a job with a lot of money but want shorter school days. You can't get both because shorter school days mean lower education.

  • School is at a perfect time.

    School has just enough hours and it doesn't seem to mess with my schedule. Yes homework can be hard but it's just preparing us for future jobs and hard things we will go through. Although I would much rather we didn't have school on Monday or only having a half day on Monday.

  • We need it

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