Should school districts engage the services of more paraprofessionals to assist in the education of students with learning disabilities?

  • Yes, paraprofessionals should replace some liscensed teachers in special education.

    Though it sounds cold and heartless to even point it out, special education is expensive. Upwards of fifteen percent of a school district's budget can be spent on educating less than one percent of its students. Special education students need more 'hands on' time with instructors. The only way to get enough instructors to fill these roles without bankrupting the system is to include more paraprofessionals that can be paid less than (already underpaid) licensed teachers.

  • Yes, paraprofessionals should be more active in our schools.

    Yes, engaging the services of paraprofessionals to help with the education of students with learning disabilities is a good idea. It is my belief that we should be doing everything possible to help these students make the most of the lives and that means giving them the highest quality education possible.

  • Yes this might be good

    Yes school districts should engage the services of more paraprofessionals to assist the students that need it. Schools indeed should do this if they find out that the student does better with this extra help compared to them not having the help. With this help it may be better in the long run.

  • Yes, they should.

    School districts should be using every tool to assist all children in gaining the best education. With classrooms rapidly becoming larger, more people who are knowledgeable and professional, like paraprofessionals, should be utilized in the classrooms. Students with learning disabilities are being left behind because the farfetched, test oriented environment we have changed our public schools into.

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