• Schools should teach both respecting oneself through proper dress and respecting others by not leering at them

    Also called “the fallacy of the false dilemma,” it occurs when only two solutions for a problem are presented while other solutions are neglected or excluded. When it comes to the distraction caused by immodest dress, this fallacy occurs when one side only supports what they think is the common sense solution – tell the female students to stop dressing immodestly so that no one is distracted. The other side then fires back with their only solution, which I have to admit, is a catchy slogan, “Don’t tell girls what to wear, teach the boys not to stare!” These critics say that schools should be teaching young men to not objectify their female classmates regardless of what they are wearing. They say it is sexist to place the burden of keeping men from being distracted solely on women’s uncovered shoulders. And they’re right. Schools should be teaching all of their students to not objectify their classmates. “Custody of the eyes” is just as important as dressing modestly. But just because schools should be teaching “custody of the eyes” it does not follow that they should not teach the virtue of modesty as well. Just as it’s possible to turn a person into an object by staring at them, it’s possible to turn oneself into an object by accentuating the body's sexual features through immodest dress. There's no reason that schools can't teach both respecting oneself through proper dress and respecting others by not leering at them.

  • Respect for Your Body

    I believe there is a time and place for all clothing and showing too much of your body at school is a distraction for everyone. It seems to me that students need to show respect for themselves and others. Covered bodies help keep their minds where they should be, which on their studies.

  • Girls get dress coded more than boys. Is this fair?

    Girls gets dress coded more than boys. What are we to think? Is this fair for our children to live through? We need to let our children be themselves not follow some dress code that the school made up to "protect" our sons and daughters. Schools should never, ever have tighter restrictions on what OUR children wear. I think schools should not have dress codes at all.

  • It's as simple as this: NO

    For students to dress as they please is a way for them to express themselves. Being in school for 6-7 hours, a student should feel comfortable in what they are wearing. Uniforms will only take away the excitement in school for students. Lets not make our children feel imprisoned in a place they are obligated to go

  • I do not think that they should be more restrictive.

    I feel schools are too strict with school dress code. The fashion today is not like the fashion years ago. Today there are crop tops shorts skirts etc. we want to wear these things. If too much skin is showing then dress code us but if not then leave it

  • No, I don't think that school dress codes should be restrictive

    I don't think that this would go on to have any particular positive effect. Restricting anything that kids may enjoy doing can cause a lot of argument and protest. I believe that dressing a certain is a freedom of expressing yourself and your particular style. Restricting this would go against freedom of expression.

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