Should school exams be replaced with different forms of assessing skills and knowledge?

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  • School Exams Should Be Replaced

    Yes, school exams should be replaced with different forms of assessing skills and knowledge. Exams do not serve the purpose of assessing skills and knowedge. Rather, they only serve the purpose of learning how well one takes exams. Most exams have a key or system with which one can use to do well, even if one does not know the material.

  • Yes, school exams should be replaced.

    School exams aren't a good form of assessment because they review selective knowledge. Students are generally prepared for exams because they study the material to be covered, so the results aren't a very good representation of their collective knowledge. Instead, schools should use progressive assessments that test students' knowledge using self-directed models. For example, a final project that requires an in depth review summary of all lessons previously taught would be a better assessment because it covers all the material learned rather than just a few key points.

  • Most certainly yes

    I think that school exams as of now is about how good your memory is. The better it is, the easier it is to get better grades. Remembering facts for Science exams, phrases for essays, formulas for math, etc. From this, i feel that school exams is society's unfair and cruel way of judging students. Skills and knowledge that help in life shouldn't be limited by exams or to good memory.

  • No, exams are important.

    No, school exams should not be replaced with different forms of assessing skills and knowledge, because exams make students take their work seriously. A student that knows they don't have to memorize the material will not study as hard. Exams make students work hard, and they hold students accountable to learn.

  • Tests Are Only Standard Way to Test

    Without testing, there is no way to measure one student's standards against another. In order to receive grades, there has to be some comparison among pupils. Exams that everyone takes is the only fair measure for students, otherwise grades are subjective rather than objective. A school without tests is like going to a job without being paid money.

  • Exams are Necessary

    In today's world, we need to implement exams for students in order to test their abilities and knowledge. No other form of testing is as comprehensive and encompassing, so we shouldn't rely upon other measures for the general student body. With that in mind, exams aren't the best option in narrow circumstances.

  • No not really

    I do not think that school exams should be replaced as with different forms of assessing skills and knowledge. Exams do hold a purpose but they are not for everyone. Instead of replacing exams, they should keep them and also use other methods. Some people are good at exams, others are not.

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