Should school exams be replaced with different ways of testing?

  • Test give me too much stress

    I've always cram for the tests even i've studied very carefully before the tests. It sometimes give me some pessimism thoughts and it just drive me crazy.Another reason is that i don't really think tests can actually test our abilities or knowledge. And so i don't think test is helpfull.

  • Yes they should.

    I think that school exams should be replaced with different ways of testing. I am not sure what it would be replaced with exactly, but tests do not accurately show what a student has learned. Many times the student just memorizes what is needed for the test and then forgets it after.

  • Exams are not reflective of real life.

    Assignments are more reflective of what people have to do in real life. Exams are fun but assignments are more like what they will have to do in a real job. I think that assessment should be based on a complication of exams, assignments and oral presentations like they are in schools in my country.

  • Exams test short-term memory, NOT retention of information

    Exams are not about a student's understanding of course material, but rather one's ability to recall information that you have crammed into your brain only a couple of days before the actual exam. Tests throughout a semester are a much more useful gauge of comprehension of the material being studied.

  • National testing of schools requires schools to test their children every year to measure how much they have learned.

    The government only gives money to schools which do the testing. The goal of national testing is to compare students in different schools and give extra money to those schools with students who are not doing as well. There are also penalties for principles of schools who have done badly for several years.

  • Best Way To Measure Success

    I believe that examinations are not 100% accurate in measuring academic success, however it is the best tool we have available to us at the moment. I believe it is hard to replace exams, because there is no viable second option, other than papers and projects. Exams will be necessary until someone comes up with a better idea.

  • School exams should not be replaced

    School exams should not be replaced with different forms of testing. This is because of the fact that school exams have proven very useful and effective in the endeavor of testing student's knowledge of the materials. School exams are also a very cheap way to test students for knowledge, and other methods would be more expensive.

  • School exams should be replaced with different ways of testing.

    School exams are a poor judge of student ability. It would be better to evaluate students with real world simulations that could better judge their abilities. Tests are inadequate because, in real life, no one fills out multiple choice exams as part of their job. Academia should devise a better testing method.

  • They should not.

    School exams should not be replaced with a different way of testing. The current exams work and have always worked. People who are bad test takers do not really know the material that they are being tested on. There is no reason to change what it working to just make kids feel better.

  • School exams are important.

    School exams are important and should never be completely replaced. While it is true that some students do not do well on tests and tests may not necessarily reflect what a student knows, testing is the way of the world. Students need to practice test taking as they will have to take tests for the rest of their lives. Even once gainfully employed, many employers proceed to force their employees to continue in the test taking process.

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