• Um ok i guess??

    I mean everybody here is advocating for it because you get more sleep, now maybe its different were you guys live but for me its from 8:50-3:50 most days. So is a 10 minute nap really that crucial? It doesn't really make sense but i guess if so many people want it i'll vote yes for the people but really im indifferent.

  • We need more sleep please

    Middle School students need to get up at the crack of dawn and it's not fair. Their minds get unfunctional in the middle of the day. Research has shown that more sleep ensures better performance. This is especially contradictory with standardized testing when staff expect students to get a lot of sleep in order to do well. Activities will pushed back to accomadate that anyways.

  • More Sleep Por Favor

    Sleep is an important factor to be more functional and alert in the classroom, especially for a growing child/teen. Based on my experience, many students doze off when class starts at 7am as they finish other assignments the night before(or staying up playing video games or looking at memes). Bananas.

  • Can sleep longer

    Kids need more sleep for their bodies 10-14 year olds need to have more sleep than 5-9 year olds the average sleep needed for a twelve year old is around 10 hours of sleep and a average 7 year old needs around 8 hours of sleep so having a 9-4 school day can fulfill their sleep needed

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