• I totally think so

    Because children aren't getting enough nutrition in their daily diet in school. Research proves that most kids who eat better get better standards in assessment tests. Even if hiring is a little costly, the better part is that kids could get better grades and pick from a variety of nutritional foods.

  • Chefs should be

    Why my opinion is because chefs are great cooks but they need to not make the parents pay a lot of money. They should still turn out to be low price not like $11.00 like how much schools make the parents pay.So that is why we should have a chef

  • Yes They Should!

    School should hire chefs to cook school lunch for us! They can cook healthier and tastier food than school packaged frozen food heated. They can cook with fresh ingredients and the kids would like the food cooked by chefs at school. I guess that school should really hire chefs to cook for us!

  • Waste of money

    It will increase the fee those parant's who can't effort such increased fee if there is no chef the fee will not increase and parant's will admit his/her child to the school and it will increase the number of student and the school will proggress and it will increase the quility of the eduacation

  • Waste of money.

    If it's a private school, maybe. But regular public schools shouldn't. It'd just drive up the cost of maintaining the school, and therefor drive up our taxes. If maybe the parents paid a small premium or the school raised lunch costs, it'd work but otherwise I don't see it happening.

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