Should school hours in middle school/high school start later and and later to fit the proper teenage sleep cycle?

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  • Don't Fight Nature

    This isn't about giving in to teen's lack of time management. This is about realizing when teens function best. Teens function very well from 9 pm to Midnight. If school hours were shifted, this ideal time could then be used for homework without hampering getting the needed 8.5 - 9.5 hours.
    Logistically problems would be solved by simply shifting after-school activities like sports and chess club to before school.

  • It would make them do better in school

    A teen's sleep cycle is wired to stay up late and sleep in late. So if schools started later and ended later then teens could get the proper sleep cycle. Lets say starting at noon and ending 6:30-7:00. It seems cruel to not let them sleep the way their bodies are wired. Plus it would help them be more functional in school which would result in better grades.

  • There's No Need.

    Honestly, if you think about it, for most schools, the day starts at 9:00 in the morning and ends at around 3:00 in the afternoon for the most part. That's actually plenty enough time for students do get their homework done. This is middle/high school we're talking about, not university. There are no 40 page essays or super long assignments to complete. The worst it will get is in Gr.11 and Gr.12, but by then, you should already know how to manage your time. If you don't, well then how are you going to graduate from university if you can't even manage your work in high school? People need to prioritize. Maybe doing all your homework on time means less time for video games, going out with friends, but at least you won't have to pull any all-nighters.

  • Same time schedule

    This time schedule has been the same for years. It would be pointless to change it now. And what about after school activities. Some times my hockey practices are at 4pm, we get out of school at 2:53, and it takes 15 minutes to get to the rink plus the time it takes to put on all the equipment. If school ran later then it would mess with other peoples after school activities causing them to miss out on practices or games.

  • It would be difficult to implement it would cause truancy

    It would lead to excuses by many children for being late when the opening hours changed. Anotherwards, it would cause an increase in truancy among students that are already temptable. Though these children may be lost causes anyway, it would conflict with the current no child left behind policy due to additional side affects.

  • Here's my reasoning

    Just so you all know, I am 16 years old. If they did change the normal school schedule we would have school from any where's past noon to late evening. During the summer I'd rather get out and have the afternoon to work outside. The way I see it school is like training us for the working world. You can't ask an employer to change your schedule to fit your up late sleep in routine.

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