• Schools should have restrictions

    Kids could go on to illegal content and it would be blamed on the school. There is a wide world web and some of it students should not be going to. Anything that happens at school is blamed on the school and that would put a bad reputation on the school.

  • A Dumb, Simpleton Question

    Quite obviously, Yes. The internet hosts a myriad of harmful sites and viruses, As well as less-than-appropriate content that is abundant in the free, Unhindered web. To shelter the children from pornography and at least the computers from malicious software such as Trojans, Spyware, And all sorts of malware. Internet restrictions also prevent students from accessing illegal content that the schools would otherwise be liable for due to their neglect of internet safety.

    TL;DR: yes, To prevent accessing illegal material, Downloading malicious software, And the sharing of pornographic content. If these are accessed, The school is also legally liable for the incident.

  • Many harmful sites.

    I'm sure I don't have to tell you that the internet is full of sites that could be harmful to children. Clearly we should not knowing subject kids to a real risk of harm so at the very least, Many sites should be banned.
    Preferably, I would have a limited number of sites available. This is because the internet is full of overly biased sites and children are less able to detect this and just accept the sites word as fact. Seems it's always fine when a student takes sides with an issue, Especially when it fits the schools liberal ideology but what about the idea that a student could use various sites like those by the KKK or Neo Nazis to support a position that neither liberal or conservative would appreciate?

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