Should School kids be forced to do their work?

Asked by: nehemiahm
  • Kids need clear rules and expectations

    Kids thrive in non environment where they know what is expected of them. If left to their own devices they don't yet have the self control and long term motivation to just get down to it and do the work.

    They need help and guidance from the teachers to ensure that they do it.

  • They are there to learn:

    They will be a lot better off, if they learn the skills necessary for them to survive in the real world. Schools may not teach all of those skills, but one of the most important things they do teach most students is how to do work, when they would rather be doing almost anything else. Now I am not saying we should force young kids to do the same level as older students, the point of the different year levels at school is to gradually up the level of the work they do, until they are capable of doing something close to a full days work.

    Those skills will be vital, if they are going to get a job and make a life for themselves. They may only get in trouble for refusing work at school, but should they refuse work at their future workplace/job they will quickly find themselves looking for new employment.

    If you do not prepare your children for life, you will be stuck with a an adult child, who you will find incredibly difficult to move out of your house.

  • In most cases the child will be better off in the end if forced to do school work.

    I'm a very talented person. I was early on and I would venture to say that I was to smart for my own good , in terms of education.

    I'm out in the "trenches" so to speak. I know how hard some have to work when they don't learn a marketable skill, or get a degree.

  • Kids will have a better future if they are forced to do their work, RIGHT.

    Think, if everyone in America did their work and focused in class students would be respectful and responsible, less crimes and suicides will increase and we will all have a good future. If the students dont work they should get kicked out of the school. So, if they think they know it all have them live their own lives not knowing how to multiply, etc.

  • Forcing is not the only way.

    If work is defined as a written work, memorizing the textbook, then not every child can benefit from work. There is a possibility that being forced to do their work will nurture unpleasant experiences in their lives. I would draw a line until where, doing work would stimulate the child to develop positive attitude, and to increase their understanding on a certain subject. However, more than that, forcing is not the only option to allow the child to learn.
    Would it be sufficient to force the child to learn by completing worksheets, or memorizing the text? If being forced to do work, they might be able to score in their exams, but is it necessary to force them? There is also a possibility that only some might be able to stand firm on the ground in their adulthood, but not all.
    Some children are more creative, in that case, written work that has standard answers may not be suitable for them. However, if you ask them questions that would allow them to use their creativity to their advantage, it is still possible to allow them to learn.

  • Children are not slaves,

    Children aren't wierd to follow command. Cramming monotonous worksheets down their throats won't encourage thought. Kids are naturally inquisitive, they're curious about the world, and there's no need to make learning into a hardship. Educators should ask the student how they view things, they should encourage thought and reflection. Children will learn much better if we show them we actually care. Memorization and papers will only increase learning while they are due. If you want a lesson to stick with a child, you need to help them find a personal reason to care. Depression and stress are common side effects of lazy teachers and districts. If we listened to these kids instead of chaining them on a pass or fail path imagine how many more of them would feel accepted in class. No child deserves to be told that their nonconformity will destroy their future, and it's time we really valued that and took it to heart.

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