• The pros outweigh the cons.

    With uniforms, you don't have to worry about what you're going to wear in the morning. It will teach kids not to worry excessively about clothing, and to some extent their appearance, (because who's honestly going to remember your outfit from high school?). It will teach students to express themselves in more meaningful ways, like through words and actions. Uniforms cannot take away student's personalities. In fact, it will teach them that it is their personality, not their outfit, that makes them unique.

    To address counterarguments: nobody said it would eliminate bullying, just minimize it. If you give kids one less thing to make fun of , it helps, especially for girls. And the argument for self expression is so bogus. In case you haven't noticed, first amendment rights are already limited in schools. You can't walk around with a shirt that offends a racial or religious group, for example. Students are reprimanded for cursing and teachers are told to refrain from talking about religion (unless when it's appropriate). Besides, clothing isn't the only way people can express themselves. And if it's so important to a student, they can just wear their outfits outside of school; it's not like they have to wear the uniform at all times. Also, the argument that "you can't force people to do X" is also weak. Schools force you to do all sorts of things, that's just preparing students for reality. The fact that they're going to school is because they've been forced to do so, ideally for the betterment of society.

  • Yes, they should!

    If they not use uniforms, they'll probably start a competition about who is wearing the most beautiful clothe. They have to be equal.
    Wear uniforms is also a way to differentiate where do the children go, and also differ from the other schools. Besides, it's cute to see the kid using uniforms to go to school.

    Posted by: Bia
  • Every school should strictly observe proper uniforms

    The word 'school' is almost always related to the word 'uniform' in a way that when the latter is being mentioned, in some country, 'uniform' has always been understood as one of its rules and regulations. Uniforms, aside from I.D., serve as an identity of a student. To some extent, wearing a uniform makes other people respect you as a student. Also, by the use of it, a student will easily be recognized by his schoolmates and/or other members of the school. By that means, sometimes, it would be easy for him to socialize and engage himself in an endeavor that would appease life.

  • Yes they should

    I personally think they should because at school it doesn't matter what your background is or how much your family earns but if there was no school uniform then you could immediately judge someone on how rich or poor they are. For example if someone was wearing all designer brands then you immediately assume that they must be able afford all the designer clothes. Teenagers and children might get teased about what they wear which could cause a lot of bullying. By wearing school uniform it hides what your background is because you are the same as every one else.

  • Yes they should

    School uniforms improve security in schools. The staff can quickly see who is supposed to be there and who is not. This is particularly useful on school excursions.

    School uniforms eliminates many dress problems in school like kids being judges on what their wear and how much money they are, rather than if they are a good person.

    School uniforms also eliminate risks with gang colours and distracting clothing items.

    School uniforms are also designed for safety, they are designed to be sun safe and appropriate for weather. Leather school shoes protect kids feet from knives dropped in home ec class and chemicals dropped in Science class.

    School is about preparing kids for the wider world. In many jobs there are uniforms and dress codes and to adhere to them is essential.

    School uniforms also provide a sense of pride, they give each school an individual identity and help the schools to be recognised in the community. It gives each child a sense of belonging.

  • We shold have uniforms.

    We should have these because, its easier for parents and for the kids believe me bullying happens a lot when people were clothing to express themselves i mean look at miley cyrus she was told to show who she really is and now people are judging her. Believe me please.

  • Only if it is offered as an option to choose within your school.

    I personally find that school uniforms give the students a sense of maturity and learning. I've never worn a school uniform before so I've always been interested in trying one. Headlines, articles, and debates always state whether students are required to wear a school uniform or not. There should be an option of letting each school have their own unique uniform but not require students to wear it. Students who want to wear it for fashion statement (*looks at Japan and Korea* or it may save them time and money for new fashion) should have the choice of wearing one. Right now, there is no choice for students who want to wear one in most public schools that doesn't have a uniform policy.

  • Children should wear uniforms

    It is best that children wear uniforms in order to take away the distraction of revealing or inappropriate clothing and the possibility of gang infiltration and gang associated clothing. Uniforms also help keep at least the clothing related drama to a low level. School uniforms also take away the guesswork for the parents who want to keep from purchasing clothing that might be against the dress code

  • Yes.. They should in my opinion.

    Of course! I think kids should definitely wear uniforms because there will always be this group of people who dress up really fashionably but the other people who don't. And they will most likely to be teased by those other kids and so then you also won't need to worry about what to wear for school and don't need to go shopping around to buy new school clothes because that will only just make you stressed out. Also, wearing school uniforms would be better than causal because so that the staffs or teachers in the school can know that the student is from the school they are in right now just by looking at their uniform. Also, some kids might dress up too fancy for school and if you go around the street or any places, the other people around you won't recognize which school you're from and you should wear your school uniform walking around and showing others you're from this or that school.

  • Freedom, freedom, freedom

    For one thing, everyone would look the same which would be creepy. 2. Freedom of expression. They can't force you to wear something you don't want to wear. 3. It will just cause problems. Parents will fight it and kids will definitely fight it. It just causes problems. Freedom of expression!

  • In the Morning

    This is a classic, "shut up slave!" moment.

    Uniforms do have their pros. Uniforms help make people more complacent and obedient. It is one of many great tools used in the process of brain washing.

    "Be a good little human resource and go buy your uniform."


    In addition to the above, it is also a robbery of one of the simple pleasures our youth experience.

    Some argue that it will help prevent bullying. It won't...In fact I insist that nothing will. I will also make the claim that bullying is a natural part of human life, it can't be stopped, and I'm not sure that it needs to be.

  • I wore uniforms for 9 years

    I had to wear uniforms for 9 years, it SUCKED. BUT i think its hot when u see a girl in alil skirt, made me wanna get dirtay!!!! But regardless i said F the dress code and got 62 detentions for it. I had a cost analysis diagram and i picked free dress =)

  • Not at all

    I say no because society loves trying to turn people into robot and what better why to convert someone then to do it when there young. I mean look around, in the work place most of them have you dressing there's way. So if school is viewed as a job then yes but it isn't. And yes some kids will be picked on but making all students wear the same thing takes away freedom.

    Posted by: knu
  • Freedom of expression

    I have always abhorred the idea of a school uniform, and I am thankful that I have yet to, and am now in college. The fact of the matter is, is that students in America (or any country with the relevant words in their laws/Constitution) live in a society that grants freedom of expression. If I choose to where a shirt showing my support for gay marriage, then I will. If my favorite sports team wins and I want to show my spirit then I will.

    Secondly, uniformity is the polar opposite of individualism which is what many western countries' societies are based upon. Telling dozens to hundred of fresh, somewhat naive minds that they must all look the same will begin to lead them on a path that says: "If I am to be successful, than I must be life everyone else". History has shown us that the leaders of the world are the leaders because they do things that other people haven't. America's presidents went to prestigious colleges, and where would the Christian religion be today if 500 years ago, Martin Luther had been a copper smith like his father. Even my own teachers have pointed out how bad of an idea it is to live the lives that your parents want you to live, if you yourself don't what to live that way.

    Do what you want, because that is what makes you happy, and wear what you want, because that makes you happy.

  • Cost to much money

    I thinks we shouldnet because it cost to much money and parents dont want to pay for all of it to wear it for a couple of years and have it sit in a closet all dusy after awhile. So that is why i think no to school uniforms. - word

  • Fuck uniforms. Gross shit.

    1. Too masculine. Mine in particular looks like you took a men's button down shirt and added a skirt to it.
    2. Boring. I hate looking the same as everyone else.
    3. Uncomfortable. It's too hot in the summer heat.
    4. No freedom. I want to wear tight shirts and extremely short skirts. Not loose shit with a skirt that's too fucking long.

  • You should see what kind of school uniform my country has!!!

    Some uniform! School uniforms are like outdated maids' aprons in Malaysia. Not kidding. Do a google search and just look at how ugly it is. Also, it is difficult to wear because it consists completely of buttons, hooks, and VERY HOT MATERIAL. MY COUNTRY IS A TROPICAL COUNTRY. And they are making kids wear clothing that is hot, ugly, useless, time consuming and difficult to wear and SHAMEFUL. Everyone from every part of the world would be ashamed to wear a school uniform, but I am the one who is most ashamed.

  • Violate first amendment

    The first amendment says people should be able to express themselves and show their personality threw their clothing and it affectes your self image and your creativity won't show threw your clothing and will make you think about your self as a different person that you are not going to be.

  • Fuck Uniforms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They Suck Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They are fucking annoying and have you've ever tried to wear khaki pants on a hot day or a long skirt that has no personal preference. What they need to do is burn them all to the shitty ground. I say no a fuck the Schools for making us wear that shit.

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