• School lunches should be $3

    School lunches should be $3, because that is a very reasonable price for a cooked, hot meal. If parents think the price is too steep, they can pack a lunch for their kids. Of course, there should be a free and reduced lunch program for those who qualify, subsidised by the government. But a normal school lunch is perfectly priced at $3.

  • You get what you pay for

    School lunches are historically pretty disgusting. I think a lot of students would be willing to pay a bit more and have a better, more thought out lunch then the ones they currently have. Currently a lot of students will not each cafeteria food but will buy chips and snacks for about $3 and eat that instead.

  • Cheaper Lunches for Students

    Students need to have healthy food in order to grow correctly, and making school lunches cost more will drain many people of money. Healthy meals are needed in everyones' lives, so I believe this necessity should cost little to no money. I believe the government is spending too much money on military, so using some of that money to pay for healthy lunches instead of weapons would be more beneficial to the United States and its people.

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  • We could have TONS more money for school lunches if it were not for prefabricated wars and brain washing propaganda on both sides.

    We need more money to pay for lunches instead of bombs and missiles which often miss. If we didn't have all these prefabricated wars which weapon companies get rich off of we would have A LOT better lunch system in US Schools.

    Hell we don't even make our own weapons anymore. All the weapon parts from machine guns to missile silos are bought from companies overseas using the lowest grade materials. How sick! We don't use/pay our own labor force and have slaves build our weapons almost for free!

    Did you know when my parents went to school in the 1950s *Dad in Ohio and Mom in Utah* they all had real food done by actual cooks ahead of time? Chicken dumplings,Chicken Legs,different kinds of stews with usually corn bread or a cake for desert and milk/juice as beverage.

    I didn't believe it at first until I saw on newspaper archives which usually hosted the weekly school lunch as well as the meal schedules for seniors.

    Know I understand why my parents were shocked when they saw the kind of food in schools today which is worse then fast food. Almost like jail food though jail food has more empty calories actually which I saw in a news compare archived on YouTube. School Food VS Jail Food.

    Both are pretty similar.

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