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  • Too little time

    My school has a 40 minute lunch and 30 minute interval. The bell goes 5 minutes before it ends and you only properly get to the lunch space 5 minutes into it. If you go to the bathroom, That takes 5 minutes. Queue up at the cafeteria, At least 10 minutes, At my school more. Eating is another 5-10 minutes. And students usually have a meeting or extracurricular in this time. And look, No time left to socialize or run around. How great is that? *They say sarcastically*

  • There wouldn't be enough time

    Many students get their food from the school, So they have to queue for their food, Which could take a good 10 or 15 minutes. And, Some people are slow eaters. I know that I would take at least 15 minutes to eat. Also, I think that lunch time serves as a break to socialise with friends for many. It's good to break up the day, It maintains concentration.

  • Not fair for most students

    Many students need to wait in line for a school lunch. At my old middle school, We used to be called up by out table. For example, Monday would be table 1 goes up first, Then 2-5. Tuesday table 2-5 goes, Then table 1 last. Many of those kids waited 10-15 minutes just to start eating.

    Also, Many students can not eat in 10 minutes. I would be completely finished in 10-15, But most students took longer. Also, Lunch is the time for us to talk and socialize.

  • Not a good idea

    I would benefit from a 10 minute school lunch because i eat quickly and am usually throwing away my garbage and cleaning my area up 8 minutes into the start of my 30 minute lunch break but I have cold lunch and hot lunch kids usually wait 10+ minutes to get food and if they get their food at the same time lunch ends, Not good. . .

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Yamuna_Ventura says2020-09-03T13:18:15.993
Sounds pretty dumb ngl.

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