• They should !

    School lunches should be healthy because kids should eat healthy and being healthy is really good because then you don’t get sick. If you eat non-healthy food you’ll get fat and you won’t be fat. If you are fat you won’t feel good about yourself. According to the CDC less than 25% of teenagers don’t eat the 5 vegetables and fruits per day that we need. School lunches should have a variety of fruits and vegetables and that will help to not get fat. Most of the junk food that teenagers eat is from school lunches.
    To stay healthy it is good to eat salads, vegetables and fruit, some people say that fruit and vegetables are bad, but they are delicious and really healthy. If you eat healthy food you’ll feel really active and when I eat junk food it feels like it’s kind of gross.

  • Most of the time!

    I think that school lunches should be healthier than they are now because kids don’t always know what food is good for you and what is not. Also kids might want to eat a lot of junk food and the school should take some responsibility and prevent that from happening.

    Michelle Obama exclaimed that school lunches are way too unhealthy and that they need have to have less calories in them. She saw that children are eating way too much bread and other things that kids should not be eating a lot of at such a young age. “This could cause a lot of health problems,” she said.

    Scientists say that school lunches should be greener and I agree with that because this way kids will be in a much healthier condition. Kids can get diabetes and obesity which later can develop a lot if diseases. Also this way, kids teeth would be healthier too because if kids stop eating a lot of junk food than they would get less cavities. This could save parents some money and some time to not take their kids to the dentist.

    It is never a good feeling when kids are made fun of and have low self-esteem and that can occur when people eat too much junk food. In order to prevent these terrible feeling schools should have healthier food options. Schools should take action and help children who are getting made fun of and turn their frowns upside down.

  • Yes they should

    I would think school lunches should have options that are both healthy and unhealthy. If it was like that then people can decide what the should and shouldn’t eat. It isn’t the chef and teachers fault if a student decides to eat something unhealthy if there are healthy options to choose from. But obviously that hasn't worked because even though there are healthy options in school lunches, there are always people eating burgers, fries or pizza everyday, clearly students cant control whether they eat healthy food or unhealthy food, so I think there should be stricter rules on healthy eating or cafeterias might have to make everything healthy. If parents have a problem with what their kids are eating they should make them a packed lunch, its probably safer to take a packed lunch anyway because school lunches aren't always guaranteed to be healthy or safe. Experts say that in some schools there have been dead rodents near food, cockroaches crawling around the kitchens floors and dishwashers that don’t clean the trays and plates, it is disgusting that kids have to eat food made in these conditions. Lots of food is also processed or artificial, making it extremely unhealthy. Should kids really be eating this type of food?

    Posted by: t123
  • They need to be healthy

    Why school lunches should be healthy?
    The schools shouldn't allow the junk food because all schools in UK must feed children with healthy lunches and they always have balanced diet. A poor diet also has significant effects on children's behaviour, concentration and mood. Children with diets lacking in essential vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids tend to perform worse academically, cannot concentrate and are more aggressive. Found on site . Junk food diets are causing other health problems too. For example, type 2 diabetes - once known as "late onset" and traditionally found in the over 40s - is increasingly found in adolescents.
    That's doctor's opinion. Also your children become fatter from junk food and that is another reason why school lunches should be healthy. My opinion that schools need to have junk food and healthy food too because if once your child don't want something
    (she) he can have fries or burger. I think that we all need to have healthy food because junk food is very bad for you and you will be not that healthy as you want. And healthy food will give you lots of vitamins and you will be very healthy.
    Thank you.

  • Yes they should

    School meals should be healthy because they make children think better and in 2009 the Australian National Children’s Nutrition and Physical Activity did a survey that proved healthy eating and nutrient intake increases children’s physical and mental state. It is better that they eat healthy food so they can stay fit than eat junk food and be obese.

    By eating healthy you consume carbohydrates, protein, vegetables, fruit, grains and dairy and all these food are good and important and help you grow strong bones and a strong body. Because the Brain develops when you are small then it would be good to start eating healthy at an early age. When you eat well then you feel better. If you eat at McDonalds you are probably going to get a stomach ache and feel bad . Many pages I read people say that it makes them feel better when you eat healthy because the the blood is flowing better and your endorphins are operating better.

  • They should be healthy

    I had to type a supporting argument so, Eating healthy at at school will make kids want to eat healthy more often. This will also allow to kids get more excited about eating healthy at home and at their school. This also help to prevent a child to continue eating healthy throughout their life.

  • Schools Need to Set a Good Example! Obesity is KILLING Children!

    Eating sugary foods is an addiction. All schools are doing are basically profiting off of these addictions. In many school lunchrooms, The bags of chips and cookies are in a stand directly next to the check-out area. Students can grab a bag of chips/cookies impulsively, Not having much time to rethink their choice because they’ve already just paid for it at check-out.

    Schools cannot control your actions at home, Yet they can control what you do on school-grounds. Doing drugs is obviously bad, And the health complications that are the result of drugs are taught to students, Yet students still do drugs outside of school, However it is not allowed for them to harm themselves by doing drugs on school-grounds. So, If they cannot do drugs on school grounds, Only healthy food should be served on school-grounds. Eating unhealthy foods are the leading cause of many debilitating diseases, So schools even supplying these foods to impressionable students is unacceptable.

    For kids whose parents feed them healthfully at home, Schools should not undermine the parent’s good efforts. In homes where students don't have access to healthy foods, Schools should be a place where students can count on eating healthfully; this is important because some children may be eating more-than-half of their calories at school on school days.

    Our tax dollars pay for school food. School food menus are full of processed foods and animal-protein-based meals, The very foods that have been proven to cause heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, And cancer, As well as overweight and obesity. Animal-agriculture requires significantly more water and other resources than the plant-based counterparts and is also a major cause of global warming. I don’t want my tax dollars spent on unhealthy food that contributes to suffering and disease, And associated health care expenses, As well as the consequences of environmental-degradation.

    68% of all adults in the U. S. Are now overweight or obese. If grown adults can’t make the right choices to keep themselves healthy then how can we expect children to choose healthy items when there are also unhealthy “favorites” available as well? Schools are in the unique position of being able to set an example and help students develop good habits early in life. Despite the latest regulations for healthy school food, There is still plenty of unhealthy school food available for students to choose from.

    Eating habits are established early, And eating healthfully is a life skill. But it’s not just about avoiding heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, And cancer in the future; it’s about ensuring that children are healthy now.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years. Weight statistics for children are approaching that of adults: 1 in 3 children is now overweight or obese. Studies have also shown a rising prevalence of type 1 and 2 diabetes in adolescents ages 10 through 19 years, With increasing obesity cited as a key-contributor.

  • School lunches should be healthy.

    School lunches should be healthy almost all of the time. I know that many kids think healthy school lunches are disgusting, but that is an easy fix. Also, healthy lunches help students focus in class and get better grades. Fruits and vegetables are healthy and delicious. Eat more of them and they will make you feel more energetic and healthy. Unhealthy foods cause obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease if you eat them too much, so eat healthy!

  • All the time!

    The healthier you are the longer you live. And about 5,002 people need to be healthy. And I, for one, actually eat healthy and on a diet at school. So, if I were you I would eat a lot of healthy stuff and be able to live a lot longer than normal!

  • All the time!

    Because the healthier you are the longer you live! According to research, sugar is not good for you, even a little bit of sugar is not good for you! So, I want the world to be able to live longer. If I were you I would start being very healthy!

  • No they should not ALWAYS be healthy

    I do not believe school lunches should ALWAYS be healthy. I think 2 days a week pizza or other treats should be served and there should be deserts also. The “healthy” lunches should actually be healthy and there should be meat I’M NOT A RABBIT. School lunches always being healthy just makes kids over exaggerate how good unhealthy food is so the minute they get out of school they start eating more unhealthily than they would have been. Also many schools that follow the “healthy” food system give disgusting food they cause kids to become seriously unhealthy because instead of eating the repulsive lunches they will find the foods they want, either from fast food places, vending machines or their friends. In Kentucky, one school official said students thought the healthy fare "tastes like vomit." Another quote in the article from David H. Freedman said, "Any time we try to get people to take a big push or force them into it, we can expect probably the majority of people to not want to make that leap." from time magazine: “According to new USDA data, students who eat a federally funded school lunch are likelier to be overweight than those who don’t.” In conclusion i think that children should be given a choice.

  • School lunch sucks.

    As a student I know that as time goes on any and all options that students do enjoy are replaced by these new healthy alternatives that no one likes. By the time kids reach high school you can't control their diet anymore. Even in middle school when students didn't like what was being served for lunch they just went and bought some kind of junk food from the vending machines and some didn't even eat at all.

  • Not all healthy!!!!!!!!!

    I believe that school lunches must not all be healthy, because a balanced diet is very important, or so the doctors say. I think that the unhealthy sections should not be taken away, but slightly restricted, because the more unhealthy things are usually more enjoyable than healthy ones, and if the unhealthy things are taken away, children may not eat at all, making learning harder. I believe that healthy food is important, but you always need a small amount of unhealthy things. As well as this argument, the ‘School Lunch’ program for some schools is unprofitable, because kids don’t buy healthy foods, which are now the large majority, therefore the schools are getting less income. This point of view was given to me by:
    Many doctors say that everything is good in moderation, and ‘everything’ encompasses junk food, deserts and other ‘unhealthy foods’. Junk foods contain mainly sugars, oils and carbs. This is becoming more and more evident, as research in major universities and even just comments from parents is happening by the moment.
    I think school lunches should be restricted, but not completely turned to healthy foods. If children get too much junk food, they will be teased because of overweightness. On the other side, if everything is too healthy, children will begin to resent school.

  • No, not always!

    School lunches should be healthy, but a lot of schools think that a healthy lunch consists of meager portions with horrible tasting food slapped onto a tray.

    Compared with kids who brought lunch from home, those who ate school-prepared lunches were more likely to be overweight or obese (38.2% vs. 24.7%). Recent data shows that while an estimated 30.6 million US students eat school lunches, only 6% of school lunch programs meet the nutritional requirements established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Although many school districts are improving their offerings, most are still loaded with fried foods, soda pop and foods that are high in fats and sugars. This shows that yes, school lunches need to be way more healthy. Many Chefs including Jamie Oliver believe that school lunches need to be healthier however, “they need to taste good too”. Healthy eating can have a positive impact on your life by leading to a more sustained elevated mood. According to Susan Biali, M.D., in "Psychology Today," a healthy lifestyle -- including a regular, healthy breakfast, balancing your lean protein consumption with whole-grain carbohydrates, getting enough folate and omega-3 fatty acids and cutting back on alcohol and simple sugars -- has been linked to an improved mood and may even help alleviate depression.

  • No not at all

    I think school lunches need to have a balance of good and bad because kids need to have a balanced diet.
    What would you rather eat?

    School lunches need to have a mix of healthy and unhealthy so they don’t get bored of what they eat. Children in a school in Minnesota go to school hungry and come home even hungrier. (Staribune) Some children say their food tastes like vomit. Children need good healthy, nutritious food that is fresh every let’s say two days. Children do not need to be fed food that taste terrible! Maybe the cooks should be trained more in some schools if the children are saying this! Should they? Health inspectors found a type of bacteria called pink scum, not good for the school having a bacteria in the freezers were the ice is kept! If the kids found out there is a bad bacteria in the food what would they do? What would happen to school if a health inspector found out?

  • Balanced diet !

    I think school lunches should not always be healthy. It is good to eat a variety of dishes. The school lunches could contain more healthy food, but otherwise it is alright. The body needs fats and sugars but not much of it. The lunches should offer a more healthy choice of meals. Maybe they could take the unhealthy dishes and make them more healthy. This is a action taken by most schools in the US. They have improved their lunches by making them more healthy. One more thing they could do is to make the healthy lunches more affordable. Many schools are dropping out of the program due to the high costs.
    If you eat too much unhealthy food, you are going to get overweight and not be fit. In most schools people make fun of overweight students. This makes them feel bad and embarrassed.

  • No they should not be healthy all the time.

    They should be healthy just not every day all the time. Maybe once a week they could have a pizza day or something but healthy all the time is just crazy. The lunches should also change so that kids don't have salad or rice every day of the school week. People like Michelle Obama have the right idea that schools should have more healthy lunches so kids can be strong and healthy. Although school lunches should be healthier a few unhealthy things should be allowed as not having for a while makes them taste better so they are more of a treat. And so much work goes into making the healthy food and when people waste a lot of effort that went into making it.

  • You need sugar!!

    School lunches should not always be healthy because our meals have to be balanced. When you go to the pediatrician they tell you to make sure you eat a balanced diet and a balanced diet is not always only healthy food. You need a little bit of everything. We need not just salad but carbohydrates and sugar because they give us energy, but you also need healthy food. When you are feeling bad or with no energy the best thing to eat would be some sugar. Also you could drink vitamin water because it has sugar in it, for example Powerade.
    It’s very bad if you eat a lot of junk food because your weight will increase and you will also be really fat, the problem with that is that you won’t feel good and people at school could also make fun of you.

  • It should not

    School lunches should not always be healthy because our meals have to be balanced. When you go to the pediatrician they tell you to make sure you eat a balanced diet and a balanced diet is not always only healthy food. You need a little bit of everything. We need not just salad but carbohydrate and sugar because it gives us energy, but you also need healthy food. Also some people think that sugar has to never be in your diet but a little bit of sugar is always good .And if you do not have a balanced diet really bad things can happen not to mention lots of diseases which causes death . Not to mention if you don’t get a balanced diet you don’t have energy and you are sleepy and you can get bullied in school which makes you feel bad and that is why you need a balanced diet and not only healthy food.

  • No, not always.

    I do not think school lunches should ALWAYS be healthy. Most of the time, I agree school lunches should be healthy; serving dishes like salads and soups and serving smaller proportions, as students can always go back for more. However, I think it is unfair to limit what students can eat. I suggest schools produce a menu for the week, in order to show students and parents which days they are preparing healthy meals and which days they are preparing unhealthy meals. This would give parents an opportunity to pack a lunch for their child if they feel they should not be eating the unhealthy options. I think this would be a good idea, because I have noticed some students feel trapped having to go for the greasy, unhealthy pizza, simply because there are no other healthy or appealing meals. Michelle Obama has been encouraging healthy school lunches since 2010. Also, in 2011, new lunch requirements from the U.S Department of Agriculture have made school lunches much healthier than they used to be. By eating healthy meals at lunch, students are preparing themselves for an energetic, strong academic afternoon at school.

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