• Yes It Shoud

    Eating habits are established early, and eating healthfully is a life skill. But it’s not just about avoiding heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer in the future; it’s about ensuring that children are healthy now. That means when students are in school, providing them with nutritious, healthy meals that enables them to focus and maximize their potential, and to support a healthy immune system to keep them in school, not home sick. Healthy food equals better health, better grades, and better behavior.

  • It should be !

    It should be healthy because unhealthy food it causes obesity ,diabetes , behavior problems and poor school grades obesity is worse than smoking! The flavored milk at school has unnecessary sugar, high calories and it is high processed. World wide 43 million children are obese. I got this form Jamie Oliver.Com food revolution

  • School lunches should be healthy

    It should be healthy because people could get sick on un healthy food and could cause horrible things to happen to people. Also it could cause obesity and diabeties, behavior problems.OBESIDY IS WORSE THAN SMOKING. The flavor milk at school has high calories and is highly processed.I GOT THIS INFO FROM JAMIE OLIVER.COM

  • No schools shouldn't have healthier lunches

    At lunch kids are so happy going through the lunch line because they see some of their favorite foods but then they see that sticky notes that says that they can only have a certain amount and the numbers of how much they can have is very small. When kids go through that are very hungry they plan to get a lot of the lunch but then the sticky note says that they can’t. Then kids get a little sad when they are so hungry and then realize that they can’t get that much. Since it is just one meal of the day that we have at school the lunches should be bigger. Schools need to have larger lunches because kids are always getting hungry in the afternoon during their last few classes.

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