• Yes. To pray in times of stress is normal, so why not?

    Kids and adults alike go to school each day. It is often a parent's quiet time, or time to get things done before the kids get home. Praying is a personal choice. Who at some point has not said a little silent prayer before class in hopes that they pass the midterm or some pop quiz? Each person has a right to their personal beliefs, even if they do not agree with mine or yours. So what harm would come from allowing someone to pray to their higher power?

  • Prayer never should be banned.

    I understand where people are coming from by saying that not everyone is Christian, but like it or not, this country was founded on Christianity, and if you don't like it, than leave. We've let to many atheists into the country and look where it's gotten us. Everyone in the beginning were meant to be Christians after Christ died. We strayed away from that. Jews don't believe Jesus is God's son, Muslims think of Jesus at the same level as a regular prophet, etc, but like it or not, if you don't believe or trust in Jesus as your lord and saviour, you're going to Hell. No one can really take prayer away in school. I still pray every day at school after the pledge, and no body knows!

  • Prayer should be allowed

    I came to the US as an immigrant from Asia, I was raised in a Buddhist family and I got adopted into a Baptist family here in this great nation. This great nation is built on the Judeo Christian principles. If you read the history of this nation you will know, all the founding fathers were strong God believers and they laid down their lives and their belief to built this nation. Schools were allow to read the bible and taught creation until the 60's where evolution was replaced and prayer was not allowed. And look how far the moral of this society drifting. If you want to enjoy the good fruit of the good tree would you maintenance the tree or you cut it down. So go the same to this great nation, if you want you and your children grow and enjoy all the freedoms that the US of A can offer then let the good practical tradition be displayed and carried on. In short, prayer and reading the bible should be allow in school. If God does not bless the US of A. Then there is no other gods can.

  • School prayer should be allowed.

    Schools can not enforce religion on other kids but if you take away school prayer altogether then you are taking away someones freedom of speech. This is important because a person rights as it says in the Bill of Rights that a person has all rights to say anything they want.

  • i am amazing

    you have to pray 5 times a day for islam and i am islamic so i have to pray 5 times a day but they wont let me. i am tired of having to miss my prayers because my teachers wont let me do my prayers. my family will get mad if i cant do my prayers so i will get in trouble if i dont but i do not want to leave my school really!

  • It's against the law.

    In the United States, it is against the First Amendment for schools to enforce any kind of religious belief on the students of the school. It violates the freedom rule in America. So even if schools did manage to do this, it would be illegal. Besides, some students are not Christians and it would offend them religiously if they were forced to pray!

  • No, but the question could have been a little more clear.

    School-officated prayer? No way do I agree with that: seperation of church and state. There's also the point that not everyone believes in a higher power; I myself am an athiest.

    Allowing students to pray in school? Sure, why not? If a Christian student feels the need to pray, let him/her pray. It's their religion. It is not as if they're trying to push their beliefs on everyone else.

  • Keep Religion Out Of Class

    As a non-Christian in America, I would prefer there not be prayer in school. My son has already been severely confused by religion and prayer because he hears others talking about it, but because he's never been to church or been taught anything about Christianity, he's massively confused. If religion is going to be let in schools, I think ALL religions should be allowed, not just prayer.

  • No, mandatory prayer should not be allowed.

    I'm assuming this debate is about schools having mandatory prayer sessions for students, as individuals praying is protected speech under the first amendment. I do not support using public education to give support or preference for any religion, nor do I support compelling students to take part in prayer. To use the state to spread your religion should be frowned upon.

  • No, I don't think so

    I'm a religious person, and even though school prayer is very nice in theory, at the end of the day, it shouldn't be allowed. There are too many different religions which could/would complicate things. It's easier to just ban religion all together from being a part of the school system. I'm sorry to say.

  • School prayer should not be allowed

    Schools are very diverse and there are people there with very different beliefs. Some believe in a higher power, while others are atheists. There is nothing wrong with a person praying on their personal time if that is their choice, however to have pryer in school is endorsing religion and certain beliefs that everyone may not agree with. School is a place for children to learn, not practice religion.

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