• What about those who are not Christians?

    If parents want their children to pray they should send them to a church service where it is appropriate. Schools are about education not religion. Certainly in state run schools any overt display of religion should not be allowed as it does not make provisions for atheist, Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist students for example. Christians aren't any more important than members of any other religious group. I would never send my child to a school if they were to be forced to participate in a religious rite.

  • Absolutely Unequivocally yes!

    Permitting prayer in school is unconstitutional and violates the separation of church and state. The two arguments below are spot on! And the main question I ask is, "which prayer, for which religion". To the Muslim child down the hall, or the Hindu sitting beside you, or the Jew in the next classroom, do they have no say? They are now forced to repeat a Christian prayer everyday during their elementary/high school education, simply because a majority of Americans happen to be Christian themselves? I am sorry, but you just simply can not leave out minorities, and forget they are different from the rest. You can't.

  • Separation of Church and State Means Freedom from Religion

    The separation of church and state gives people the freedom to worship as they choose. When schools receive federal funding, publicly acknowledging prayers on school property and during school hours should be prohibited. After school is over, there is nothing that keeps groups of kids from gathering around the flagpole to pray. However, religious groups and clubs shouldn't be sponsored by teachers who are on the taxpayer's payroll.

  • Yes, school prayer violates the separation between church and state

    I believe that school prayer should be prohibited because it violates the very vital principle of our democracy which is the intentional separation between church and state. Schools are institutions of learning and education, and they are not the place where religion should be a focal point. Children can practice their religion with their families at their churches.

  • Unnecessary distractions for teachers and students.

    The school system has enough to deal with than have to worry about religious differences. No prayers in school under no circumstances. No compromises. If anyone does not agree with this system then either homeschool or go back to the country that supports the same values and beliefs as their own, peroid! No letting children be dismissed from class for even a few minutes to practice their faith either, because ultimately whether we want to admit it or not, that in itself is a distraction to the students and the teachers. Like someone said before, it they want to practice their faith, go to church.

  • Yes they should

    Kids are able to express their religion. Also they are able to pray because its not against the constitution. Kids should be able to pray whenever they want and do whatever kind of religious freedom that they want. Kids can pray. Kids should pray. I mean like why not. Really

  • Punishing children for their beliefs surely violates human rights!

    By refusing to pray to the Christian God children are exercising their religious beliefs, whether they are Muslim, Hindu any other religion an atheist agnostic or anything else. Punishing children for their religious beliefs not only classifies as discrimination but also violates the UN rights of a child! In the US the first ammendment says people have freedom of religion also so it's also against the law. I have no problem with one student deciding to pray in their school but it is simply not fair as well as against human rights to force the minorities to practice the religion of the majority!

  • For the sake of the religionless

    I won't dive into details about how it infringes on the concept of schooling, because I don't care about that one. But I do think that a child to see everyone praying but not knowing what to do or anything about what the kids are praying to would feel discriminated as much as someone who wasn't allowed to pray. This feeling could force the kid into religion just to fit in, which isn't good.

  • Voluntary prayer should be allowed

    School prayers should be allowed in a voluntary manner even if it is just an announcement that the school will be having a moment of silence and allowing kids the time to pray if they desire should be allowed. After all the 1st amendment gives freedom OF religion NOT freedom FROM religion.

  • Students Have Free Speech RIghts Too

    While compulsory prayer in schools is not desirable, voluntary prayer, even that which is led by teachers, is desirable because it helps instill moral values in students. No one is forcing a student to participate in a prayer; but those that WANT to pray have the right to do so and the First Amendment protects that right.

  • No, it doesn't necessarily have to be banned from all the schools.

    I agree that most kids come to school to learn not learn abut other religious things. But, it shouldn't be banned in general. Some parents would like for their kids to learn about their religious beliefs. I do understand that school and church and what not is a completely different subject and they should not interfere with each other but if you don't want to go to a school where they pray then don't go. Find a nonreligious school and stay there, don't ruin it for other people that do want to go to a religious school.

  • Schools are government buildings

    And because such is true a public school(government organization) cannot make any laws establishing a religion in school. You would therefore be choosing a religion that would not be universal along an entire student body. In doing such as it would be unconstitutional as the US Supreme court has ruled in both "School District of Abington Pa vs. Schempp" (1963) and "Engel v. Vitale" (1962). In both cases the US Supreme Court ruled against school prayer having it therefore be unconstitutional.

  • Well, not completely prohibited, but modified.

    Maybe like instead of recess, kids can choose the option to go to a school chapel or something. As it has been said before, the school cannot provide for every single religion. I'm not saying by any means that kids should be unable to pray. However, kids shouldn't be forced into it if they don't want to.

  • Absolutely NOT AT ALL

    Religious freedom is a right to the Constitution, people can practice there religion where ever and whenever they want as long as they are not hurting anyone. You do not have to believe in anything they believe in, but it doesn't give anybody the right to take that away from them.

  • 1235 because hi

    123no no no no no nono no no no no no no no no no no nono no no no no no people should be able t pray any where no matter what just because you don't believe in it doesn't mean they don't...... No need to take it away think about other people

  • Kids are not forced to pray.

    Prayer in school is also protected by the constitution. People have a right to practice their religion. Banning prayer would go against this. Also no one is forced to pray in school. It is the choice of the student. And if a student sees people praying, why would they get offended, prayer doesn't harm anyone.

  • Think about the children.......

    You may not like the religion but it is there's. Some times it makes children think their going against God. There religion may not matter to you but it does to them and children and young adults should be able to pray in school. Finally its against the first amendment.

  • They are aloude

    Paying should not ever be banned form school. Just because you do not support the religion does not mean it is wrong. The first amendment of the constitution of the United States states that every citizen has the right to worship whatever religion the want. Do not listen to those who say you cannot worship you religion.

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